Boat Finally Launched their First Gaming Headphone – The Immortals 1000D : Gaming Headphones

    The Boat Immortal 1000D comes with a price tag of Rs 2,499. It will be available via Amazon India. From 15th Feb 2016, it can be bought through all major online retail platforms like Snapdeal & Flipkart and brick and mortar stores, including Croma and Reliance Digital and most star hotels in the Delhi NCR region.

    Boat says : “Immortal 1000D – Designed for the Immortals! It’s time to choose your weapon wisely.”

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    Boat Immortals 1000D Gaming Headphone Specifications and Price in India

    Boat Immortals 1000D Gaming Headphone comes with the classic simplistic yet elegant design of Boat headphones with a red back ear cup. The neckband is made up of metal, similar to what we have on Skullcandy headphones as well as the headband has a volume rocker button which for the most part feels very tactile in usage. Still, one issue I faced while reviewing these headphones was that (on both my PS4 controller and my Laptop) the rocker button had issues when trying to change tracks or decrease/increase volume. It felt like the button wasn’t working even though it was pressed hard enough. These were hardly issues that can hamper your gaming experience and won’t be felt much by casual gamers but quite annoying for professional e-sports gamers.

    Boat Finally Launched their First Gaming Headphone - The Immortals 1000D : Gaming Headphones

    The ear cups of Boat Immortal 1000D are made up of leather, and the outer side is covered with black faux leather to make it look more durable and gives a premium feel. The overall build quality of Immortals feels great, along with decent aesthetics as well, which resembles some Skullcandy headphones in terms of design language.

    Boat Immortals 1000D Gaming Headphone also comes with a detachable cable. However, there isn’t any inline mic for taking phone calls, so you’ll have to use your phone’s microphone in that case.

    In terms of specifications, Boat has provided 40 mm drivers on a 2-way speakers system coupled with neodymium magnets for the Immortals, which come with a 50 – 20,000 Hz frequency range.

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    Design and Build Quality

    The design is pretty much simple yet elegant. However, one thing to note is that the presence of headbands and plastic leather on-ear cups makes them a bit flimsy compared to some other gaming headphones I have used, such as Steelseries Siberia 840. The entire weight of these headphones lies on your head instead of your neck, unlike some other gaming headsets out there, and doesn’t feel any strain. The attached cable is 1.2m long which should be enough even if you use it while playing games or watching movies.

    The Sound Quality

    Sound quality is one of the most important parts of any gaming headphones, considering it will be used by gamers who want to hear footsteps or gunfire while playing FPS games. However, I was a bit skeptical while trying out these headphones and personally would have preferred if Boat had opted for 50mm drivers instead of 40mm as we are talking about a gaming headset targeted towards competitive e-sports players here, so I expected at least great sound quality on the frequency range where most sounds come from like low and high frequencies.

    Boat Finally Launched their First Gaming Headphone - The Immortals 1000D : Gaming Headphones

    As far as bass goes, Immortals doesn’t fail. Still, there is room for improvement in this department, especially with music genres that rely heavily on low and high frequency on ranges like Dubstep, EDM, etc. The bass is quite strong but lacks quality, which you can feel when listening to songs with heavy bass lines on these headphones.

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    Headphone Verdict

    Immortals by Boat actually has a good soundstage due to its positional accuracy along with decent mid-range; however, if you are looking for some on-ear headphones that provide really powerful bass, then these might not be the ones for you to go for as it only does a decent job which can do well enough in gaming although you may feel that Immortals lack behind big brands such as Razer who’s Kraken Pro V2 gaming headsets cost roughly around Rs 3999/-.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the newly released Boat Immortals 1000D Gaming Headphone. To get all the latest updates about Games and Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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