Artificial Intelligence Plays Music on YouTube – Check “Infinite Bass Solo” On Youtube : Technology

Artificial Intelligence Plays Music on YouTube. Humans are in an age where they can no longer function without technology. Thus, most of the aspects of human life are handled by the AI systems. Artificial Intelligence has became an indispensable part of our lives. Be it work, house hold chores, education or medical facilities. Many of the activities can be functioned with the help of AI. And now, slowly it is also entering the artistical aspects of our lives too. Recently, You Tube has started playing 24/7 music, generated by AI.

Artificial Intelligence Plays Music on YouTube

Artificial Intelligence Plays Music on YouTube - Check "Infinite Bass Solo" On Youtube : Technology

AI producing and composing music is a really terrifying idea for me. Which makes me think, will there be a day when music is no longer composed by humans? Will the evolution of the new technology drive the musicians out of this industry?

The AI music was first introduced in 1975 by N.Rowe from MIT Experimental Music Studios. He developed an intelligent music perception system that could enable a musician to play freely on an acoustic keyboard while the machine infers a meter, its tempo and note durations.

With the current technology AI can do sound processing, Music analysis, Compositions, performance, curations and education. Currently there are initiatives taken by Google Magenta, Sony Flow Machines, IBM Watson Beat, to find out if  AI can compose compelling music.

But, none of the AI systems currently available can beat the human made music, they can only assist in the process.

Infinite Bass Solo

The music hackers Databots have created an infinite bass solo with the help of a recurrent neural network (RNN) that they are live-streaming on YouTube. The Databots team includes of CJ carr and Zack Zukowski. The neural network has been trained by them on a 2 hour improvised bass solo music by Adam Neely.

The Databots ran the recording sample of the song though the sample RNN that analyzed the music and predicted what kind o music should be generated next.

For this recording sample, Neely explained in their video that he had used the same bass, same pickup, same tone, kept everything in E-minor and iprovised the basslines over an 85 beats per minute drum groove. Because he didn’t want the final song to be too chromatic.

Their initial attempt had been too noisy, so they fine tuned the dataset and dropped the sample rate. This helped them remove the noise and the RNN could now learn patterns that were twice as long.

So this is all the Info to the AI generated music on YouTube.

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