THX Onyx: Ultimate Headphone DAC/Amp Revealed, What is in Store for us?

With the reveal of the THX Onyx: Ultimate Headphones DAC/Amplifier, is the search for its rivals difficult?

The popular sound company, THX, revealed its new Onyx recently. While the amplifier is easily one of the best available in the market, is it for everyone?

THX Onyx is a high-end DAC/Amplifier for headphones, comprising THX AAA circuitry. What’s more exciting, for the fist time, THX is selling its headphones directly to consumers.

THX Onyx

A Beast from Inside

THX Onyx is compatible with all sorts of  headphones and earphones. Normally, headphones suffer from low volume and amplifying difficulties, which can be easily taken care of by this amplifier. The sound problems are generally due to poor amplification and sound distortion in the headphones. THX Onyx is designed to provide great amplification, thereby delivering ample volume as per the mood. It is a digital-to-analog converter amplifier, and the core contains the THX AAA-78 circuit accompanied by the ESS ES9281Pro DAC.

Inside the THX Onyx

First Look

The THX Onyx is like the size a USB drive (actually a bit smaller). It has a cable that ends as a USB-C connecter to connect with phones or computers. It is made of aluminum and contains a magnet to make the cable stick to the device. Overall, it is a wonderful feel in hand.

THX Onyx In Box

What’s more alluring is that it is a cross-platform device, meaning it can connect to almost anything, from Windows to macOS devices. There is the USB-A connector in the box that helps it to connect to old computers, if you have one.

The Quality

THX Onyx can play MQA files at 768 kHz, and PCM files at 32bit/384kHz. The sound is loud even at low volumes, making the device an excellent choice for gamers and music-lovers alike. In terms of battery usage, it is efficient too, not using more than 10% battery after an hour of usage. The build quality and sound quality is incomparable and, though the price is a bit more than budget amplifier, it clearly compensates the price with its quality. THX Onyx is a must for music lovers, and if you own a pair of high-quality headphones, it is sure to amplify its output to create a best-in-class experience. A device which can work for all sorts of headphones, with or without built-in microphone support, THX has done a brilliant job in assembling the best DAC and amplifier to create this masterpiece.

The sales for THX Onyx starts globally from 7th April, and contains a price tag of $199.99. To be honest, it is not the cheapest product available in the market, but there is hardly any competitor regarding the output quality. THX Onyx can be your device of need if you suffer from sound issues despite owning  decent quality headphones. More info is available on

Some Information

  • Input Type: Sound Quality (THD+N, 1kHz)
  • Output Type: 3,5mm analog jack
  • Headphone Impedance: 22-1000 Ohms
  • Sound Quality: -110dB
  • Output Impedance: 0.2Ohms
  • Output Power (per ch, 22Ohms): 180mW
  • MQA Playback: Yes
  • Headset Mic: Yes, except iPad, iPhone
  • Mic Noise: -98dB
  • USB and DAC config: ESS ES9281PRO
  • AMP config: THX AAA78
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS
  • Product Dimensions: 7.2×14.0x210 mm
  • Accessories: USB-A to USB-C Adapter

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