PUBG Mobile vs Battlegrounds Mobile: What’s Changed?

    We all know PUBG Mobile, the massive smash-hit game from Tencent Games. PUBG has been popular for a long time now and Battlegrounds is the newer mobile version that was released in India last month. PUBG Mobile then vs Battlegrounds Mobile now, what’s changed?

    In this blog post, we will compare PUBG to Battlegrounds and discuss how they have evolved over time. PUBG Mobile then and PUBG Mobile now, Battlegrounds India.
    PUBG Mobile vs Battlegrounds Mobile: What’s Changed?

    The PUBG mobile game was released in China back in March 2017 with a global release following shortly after on December 12th of the same year. PUBG has been tweaked significantly since its release and is currently available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play store as PUBGMobile (India).

    Battlegrounds India launched last month to much fanfare because this game had not previously been available anywhere outside of North America or Europe before Tencent Games bought exclusivity rights from Epic Games. The launch followed months of anticipation by eager fans who were eagerly awaiting an Indian port for their favorite gaming app which allows up to 100

    PUBG Mobile vs Battlegrounds Mobile: What’s Changed?

    After staying banned for many months, Krafton has brought back PUBG Mobile to India in the guise of Battlegrounds Mobile India. We had a look at the game as soon as it came out and there’s no other way to describe it other than a rebadged PUBG Mobile. There are minor changes for the sake of change such as different UI, new maps and resources changed from crates to coins that can be accumulating by visiting daily challenges, achieving victory royale, or winning other survival matches head-to-head with 3 friends.

    Although many changes have been made to the game since its original release, including those after its banning in several countries, PUBG Mobile’s latest version brings an even greater improvement. The graphics are updated and better-looking than ever before, all players can change their character and tailor it to their preferences, new guns have been integrated into the gameplay as well as a thicker map with more points of interest on each continent.

    The biggest changes in Battlegrounds India
    PUBG Mobile vs Battlegrounds Mobile: What’s Changed?

    Battlegrounds Mobile India features 4-5 maps and close to a dozen gameplay modes. You can jump off helicopters, play deathmatches, or Fast even- train forward to yourself today with, all and the Battle weapons grounds. Mobile India features 4-5 different maps and almost a dozen gameplay modes. You can jump off helicopters, play deathmatches, and even train yourself with all the weapons.

    The graphics on PUBG Mobile has improved significantly over the last year. Graphics on the game two years ago were noticeably worse than other PC games like CS: GO or Call of Duty 2, having a similar graphical quality to games that came out 12-14 years ago.

    The original PUBG Mobile only had one map and three game modes. Erangel was the sole playable map in the original, and each game mode used different variations of it cleverly. Quick Match employed the Blue circle to its advantage, while the Sniper match left players with sniper rifles.

    Improved privacy practices

    Banning PUBG Mobile led to battle royale challenger Battlegrounds Mobile India. Tencent’s PUBG Mobile kept the government in dark, but Krafton’s more open data policies revealed that its game collects sensitive data outside of India, which prompted a change with notification requirements and reminders for players about breaks.

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