PUBG Getting Bike Cycle?

    PUBG Getting Bike Cycle?

    Bluehole’s PUBG is finally getting bicycles that will be upgraded to rideable mountain bikes in the future. For now, they appear as vehicles players can drive in for personal transportation between hot spots.

    The vehicles are not exclusive to anyone so all players in a lobby can take advantage of them. Players who hopped on a bike have an additional way to reach the safe zone but this comes at the cost of losing their own vehicle when killed by other players. While the player is riding the bike, their weapon spawns on top of them instead of being left at wherever they left them last before hopping on. This limits roomy movement and also puts into consideration that shooting while moving could be very difficult or even impossible at times. PUBG Getting Bike Cycle?

    PUBG Getting Bike Bike Cycle ?

    With this new addition to the game, it seems like bicycles will be joining the group of vehicles that players can drive in PUBG. There are already three types available for use: cars, jeeps, bikes, and now bike cycle

    The X-Drive goes at least one meter deep, so even if you’re bunny hopping all around or performing wheelies at every opportunity, there’s plenty of room for one passenger on the back. While you can’t see a speedometer because of obvious reasons, anticipate a maximum speed without sprinting of 50km/h. With sprint tapping, that rises to 62km/h.

    PUBG Getting Bike Bike Cycle ?

    Krafton is also working on a nerf for the P20, as well as buffs to shotguns, LMGs, SMGs, and the AUG. It’s also made significant adjustments to magazines to offer more variety. There’s now the QuickDraw Magazine, which increases reload speeds by 60 percent. The Extended Magazine extends your bullet supply.

    For more such updates stay tuned with the game stanza!

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