Battlefield 2042: All the Latest News and Updates

A new Battlefield 2042 game is coming out, and the demand for Battlefield 2042 news has never been higher! We’ve compiled a list of all the latest updates on this upcoming release. This includes trailers, release dates, and more. Get ready to battle it out in the future with our comprehensive guide!

EA has announced a new Battlefield coming this October.

The most recent Battlefield game is being touted as the most ambitious entry in the series yet. This new game was built with the latest Frostbite engine and will be available to play on all of the newest consoles or computers, despite its 128-player maps and host of new weapons, vehicles, and gadgets.
Battlefield 2042 will not have a campaign mode or a rumored Battle Royale mode. The game will offer three “distinct, standout multiplayer experiences,” as well as some nods to history that fans of the franchise can expect. Get all the latest news and updates here!

Battlefront 2042 release date and platforms

Battlefield 2042 will release on October 22, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC

Battlefield 2042 pre-orders are live now. They cost $59.99 for a standard console game, or $69.99 when using the more advanced Xbox Series X/S and PS5. The Gold Edition is available on all platforms at $89.99 and the Ultimate Edition costs either $109.99 on PC or $119.

Battlefield 2042 trailers.

The latest look at Battlefield 2042 came during Microsoft and Bethesda’s joint E3 2021 conference. The trailer showed gameplay on the Hourglass map set in Egypt, where EA Dice showcased inter-dimensional skirmishes with enemies who were hellbent on destroying our reality.
The game trailer shows tanks shooting down helicopters. The helicopter will fall and make a lot of noise. Soldiers crawl on the ground and can move really fast when they are near buildings or cover. Sometimes buildings are tall, like the Hourglass skyscrapers where players will be able to go up and get to other rooftops or use their wings

The footage shows a tornado ripping through the Hourglass map, causing utter devastation. The dynamic weather system could provide an advantage or disadvantage for some players: while some might choose to flee the storm (especially on the rooftop levels), others may find themselves taking advantage of it to hurt their opponents.

Check out this video of Battlefield 2042’s dynamic weather

Battle maps of Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s All Out War multiplayer experience will launch with seven maps. These maps were carefully designed to force players to focus their attention on specific areas of each map, instead of selecting all objectives within a single area offered in other Battlefield games. This design was intended to let players enjoy solo and team play as well as capture points in any order they


In this map, set in Branai Island, Singapore, players fight for access to supply lines. This map features a massive container yard and automated cranes which pick up and move containers as you play. Players can also access ships that contain capture points. Combat here apparently gets “intense”.


Battlefield 2042 is set partially in the foggy, swampy Alang region of India. The game features famous landmarks including one called Colossus that houses a submarine inside.


The latest map in the new release of Battlefield 2042 is set at a rocket launch site in Kourou, French Guiana. This new map sees plenty of action around the rocket launch and surrounding area, but it doesn’t always go as planned…


Renewal, located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt, provides players with a map that is half lush and green and half desert wasteland.


The second-largest map in Battlefield 2042, Breakaway is set in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, and features a rich array of combat scenarios from gas and oil production to the inner workings of an ice shelf. The area is home to the community’s only two destructible silos with a multitude of vantage points implanted throughout.

Battlefield 2042’s maps are broken into distinct sectors, with the objectives in these sectors arranged in clusters. Clusters are areas where objects and objectives are focused in one space, such as a village, stadium, or oil platform. Securing a sector requires completing all the objectives within that sector.


Battlefield 2042 will be set in Songdo, South Korea. The map features skyscrapers, canals outside, a TV station, and ziplines for hopping across rooftops.


In Doha, Qatar, players fight for a lost convoy in Hourglass – one of Battlefield 2042’s largest maps. The neon-lit skyscrapers are lit up as sandstorms pass through the city and the stadium is overtaken by a sandstorm.

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