Resident Evil Village New Lady Dimitrescu Detail! looks awesome!!!

Resident Evil Village New Lady Dimitrescu
Fans of the Resident Evil video game series have been eagerly awaiting news from Capcom about the next installment in their iconic franchise. Today, is proud to exclusively reveal one of the most shocking secrets to date for fans in a new interview with series writer and producer Michiteru Okabe!

“Few know this,” says Okabe, “but Lady Dimitrescu–yes, that’s her real name!–was originally going to be a playable character. But we decided against it because she would have been too powerful.”
Resident Evil Village New Lady Dimitrescu Detail! looks awesome!!!

In the interview, Okabe reveals that Lady Dimitrescu was originally going to be a playable character in Resident Evil Village. But Capcom decided against it because she would have been too powerful for players. “She’s got this really amazing superpower,” said Okabe, “she can talk to animals.”

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 June 5, 2021, 07:40 pm EDTResident Evil Village fans have been blown away by the new detail that Capcom put in their latest survival-horror game. This detail ties specifically back to Lady Dimitrescu, who is one of the primary villains in this recently released title. And while this isn’t something that will change how players might view it as a whole or anything like that, but shows just how smart and clever those developers working on the project at Capcom are! Spotted in an interesting video uploaded onto TikTok yesterday evening (June 4th), we see what looks like lady Dimitrios crouched over some sort of large metal box with her hands inside…just waiting for us all to see.
Resident Evil Village New Lady Dimitrescu Detail! looks awesome!!!

This is a pretty interesting detail to point out, as the game was otherwise mostly devoid of any sort of easter eggs or other sorts of secrets hidden away for players to find at their own leisure. It’s not so much that this will change how anyone would view the game in its entirety either, but shows just how smart and

Lady Dimitrescu was taller than everyone else in the land. She could’ve easily been spotted from a mile away as she strode through town with her long strides, towering over people and buildings alike. It would seem that every third or fourth step of the stairs is worn down more because it’s just how Lady Dimitrescu walked up them: by stepping on every other stair to avoid balancing herself out while walking up high steps all day!

Resident Evil Village has a secret that is hidden in plain sight. Unseen to the naked eye, Resident Evil 8 leaves its mark on everything it touches – and even more so on the stairs for some reason! It’s pretty cool but I don’t know why this game would do something like that.
Resident Evil Village New Lady Dimitrescu Detail! looks awesome!!!

Did you notice how when Kate walks up or down these steps she makes an imprint? She does this because of her weight distribution which means every time someone else comes along they’re going to make their own little step into them too- kind of creepy if you think about what happened before…

Capcom’s latest title, Resident Evil Village is one of the finest examples in environmental design that you will find. The detail and trouble put into this game really pay off for those who are able to see it with their own eyes as they can explore a village filled with horror at every turn! You don’t want to miss out on this experience!

The latest video posted by the Resident Evil Village fans on YouTube has been pouring with feedback. The video in question is one of a series that explores every nook and cranny, giving viewers an up-close look at all the little details they may have missed from afar. In this new episode, we take to exploring what’s outside of the

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