Battlegrounds Mobile to launch soon in India: here are the details

Ever since the ban on the most popular battle royale game has been introduced, India has been craving for PUBG Mobile to return. While things started getting worse and a comeback looked like a problem, there is a new light of hope now. PUBG Mobile India is expected to be released as Battlegrounds Mobile India, and the game may release soon.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile to launch soon in India: here are the details
PUBG Mobile returns with a new name exclusively for India.


Krafton, the developer of the game, has assured that the new game will comply with all the government norms and regulations. The release date is not confirmed yet, but it may come soon enough. Like PUBG Mobile, the game will be available for Android and iOS devices. The players will be able to download the game from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

Krafton also confirms that Battlegrounds Mobile will be an India-specific game, and will feature new features keeping India in mind. In other words, the game will have a lesser amount of violence and an Indian theme throughout. This may be a bad news for players who liked the old outfits or gameplay styles.

PUBG Mobile Issues

Last September, PUBG Mobile was banned by the Indian government along with several other applications due to security issues. These apps have Chinese origin and were removed from the Play Store and App Store. PUBG tried to venture into the country excluding a partnership with Tencent Games but eventually failed.

Now, Krafton has confirmed that the game will be launched as Battlegrounds Mobile India, and it will not feature anything that will cause problems for the government. Players who were ‘addicted to the game started going crazy after the game was banned. Some cases of suicides have also been registered.

Restrictions and User Data Storage

Battlegrounds Mobile to launch soon in India: here are the details
There will be restrictions for players under 18 years.


The new game will have some restrictions for players under 18 years of age. According to the official announcement, players below 18 will need parental consent for playing the game. Players will have to enter their parents’ call details for that. Also, there will be spending restrictions. Previously, there were some cases of excessive expenditure from minor players in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile will only be available in India, and players cannot play against any opponents from foreign countries. The user data will all be stored in Indian servers. Hence, there should not be an issue with security breaches or threats.

With Krafton doing so much and equipped with a foolproof plan to enter in, Battlegrounds Mobile India is surely landing in the country. Even if players fail to get back the original data of PUBG Mobile, this game can be a new start for them.

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