Shadow Fight 4

    Shadow Fight is a popular action game series for mobiles. With three games being super popular, they have now come up with the fourth game of the series. Shadow Fight 4 is now in the Play Store, and it promises more excitement than ever.

    The Gameplay

    Shadow Fight 4
    Shadow Fight 4 is the new action game by Nekki.


    Shadow Fight is all about fighting. And this is not for the faint-hearted. The first and second games of the series showed the protagonist turning into a shadow, and fighting against multiple opponents to gain the throne and take revenge. The characters are just black silhouettes fighting with melee weapons in an arena. There are different actions and styles of fighting. Superpowers can sometimes be used to deal greater amounts of damage.

    The core reason for the games being popular was the realism present in the scenes. The first and second games were just 2D characters fighting against each other, but you can almost feel every hit yourself. There are lots of weapons to use in the game as it progresses.

    Since Shadow Fight 3, the game turns 3D, and characters are no longer black shadows. Now, you can customize their looks and outfits, and can really see them fight. Many players took this as sort of a downfall of the series as the silhouettes were so popular, but Shadow Fight 3 turned out to be a success after all. Shadow Fight 4 carries on the journey with more excitement and items in the game.


    The game launched a trailer some months ago, and everything looked brilliant out there. So many things look to have changed since the last game that this is really worth playing. And why not, especially when it can be found in a comfortable mobile device for free?

    The trailer shows intense fighting, great graphics, and the beginning of an intriguing story in the Shadow Fight Universe.

    New Features

    The new game brings a whole new experience. There are new weapons in the arsenal, with lots of axes, spears, throwables, swords, and what not? All weapons in the game are melee, and some of them look creepy. Like those big axes, or sharp claws…

    The game also features new locations. Most of the locations are temples or castles, but they are not all. Arcade games thrive due to locations, and this game is no exception. Players love to fight in different places, and while this does not change the gameplay, it certainly changes the mood.

    Shadow Fight 4 also comes with PvP battles, which is its specialty. Players can battle against each other online to grab ratings and prizes. Arena mode helps players to match against opponents and fight against each other.


    Shadow Fight 4
    The game released in November last year and was praised by all the players.


    Shadow Fight 4 was developed by Nekki and released on 3rd November 2020. The game went many updates, the latest on 21st April 2021. Shadow Fight 4 received favorable reviews and praises for highlighting the multiplayer mode. Players also praised the gameplay and music. With the world shifting towards high graphics games, Shadow Fight has also accepted the trend. But with that, the game became performance hungry. While any low-end smartphone can run Shadow Fight 2 (which is still popular), now players will need specifications such as 4GB RAM to play the game smoothly.

    The game has a 4.6/5 rating in Play Store, which summarizes all the praises. The download size is around 140 MB, but it is recommended to have a lot of space in your phone, because the size may increase as you progress.

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