WOW Character Not Found Error : How to fix it!

Do you get “Character Not Found” error while loging in to the World of Warcraft? Then this article is for you. Here you have the solution to fix the character not found error in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft, Shadowlands has been going well from the start. In this Shadowlands, players will get to know what is happening after the Azeroth world in the game. But there is some issues that players come across while loging into the game. That is when the players ready to log in with their characters, find character not found error on their windows. It may happens due to some server issues.

Server Communications

Blizzard’s support page helps us to fix this issue. The web page states that this issue is happened because the player is struggling to connect or communicate to the realm server. And they also provide some steps to correct this issue, they are as follows.

  • Login to another character on the same realm.
  • Create a new character on the realm and login.
  • Exit World of Warcraft completely and relaunch it.
  • Restart the desktop app to clear any stalled Agent processes.
  • Restart your computer to resolve problems caused by programs and services running in the background.

If you try these steps, you will get rid of the character not found error while loging into the world of warcraft game.

WOW Character Not Found Error : How to fix it!

Adding Friend

Some players have informed that they get this character not found page while adding a friend to their realm. Character Not Found error may happen if the name you are typing in isn’t belong to the realm you are presently in. Blizzard have also provide solution to this issue. They says that this may happen due to

  •  You are entering your friend’s name incorrectly
  • Your friend belongs to the opposite faction
  • Your friend deleted the character
  • Your friend is in another realm

These are the reasons why you get character not found page. Make sure that you and your friend check all these things.

WOW Character Not Found Error : How to fix it!

Final option

After trying out all these steps and you still get the character not found page. Without any delay, visit the technical support forums of the World of Warcraft game or contact Blizzard Entertainment and let them know of your condition.

And that’s about it, these are the ways you can fix the character not found error happens while logging into the World of Warcraft game. Have a happy play.

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