Intel’s Rocket Lake Chips Have Been Successfully Overclocked to 7GHz Using Liquid Nitrogen : Technology

One of the most powerful Intel processors, Intel@i9, has recorded a remarkable new limit while overclocking. However, i9 is the product collection title. But i9- 11900k is an actual component that showed this speed. Check the complete article for further information.

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Intel’s Rocket Lake Chips

Recently, Intel’s core  i-9 -11900k processor recorded a clock speed which is more than 7GHz. The main reason behind this increase is the dominion of liquid nitrogen in the cooling solutions. Further, the other name of the 11th Gen desktop processor is Rocket Lake -S.

Intel's Rocket Lake Chips Have Been Successfully Overclocked to 7GHz Using Liquid Nitrogen : Technology

The Rocket Lake- S had been used in the motherboard of ASUS. ROG Maximus XIII Apex is the motherboard of ASUS. Rog Fisher, an overclocker, had run the Core i9- 11900K chips. The benchmarking site CPU-Z had validated the running at 7,048 MHz with 1.873 volts of power. However, the expected normal clock frequency is 3.5GHz out of the box. Moreover, Rog -Fisher is titled under the top three speed records for core i9 – 11900K.

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Overclock by YouTuber

Earlier, the overclock was run by two different YouTubers. The first one was PC Wale, and the second Youtuber is Videocardz. Further, the former YouTuber was unable to increase the speed beyond 7 GHz. However, he records the speed of Intel Core i-911900K running at 6.5 GHz with 1.678 volts of power.

Whereas Videocardz was able to reach the speed. And for this, he runs a custom XOC BIOS from Overlocker Safe Disk. The custom XOC BIOS helps to unlock the voltage to 2 volts. Hence, it was possible to record the fast clock frequency.

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Release of Intel’s Rocket Lake Chips

The ones used in ASUS are custom made, and hence, these are now available in the market. Further, the official date of release is 30th March.

Although, the chips were not available earlier. That is why there are not many benchmarks available. Because of the lack of benchmarks, it is certainly impossible to derive the exact reason behind this overclock increase. Moreover, Intel has already announced that the company will bring in 12th – generation processors till the end of this year.

Lastly, for those who are not familiar with the term overclock. Overclock is an action to increase the component clock rate by running it at a higher speed than what it was designed for. Additional cooling and care is the most important factor in overclocking.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about Intel’s Rocket Lake Chips. To get all the latest updates on Technology, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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