MediaTek Finally Announces There First mmwave 5G Modem- All detail here: Technology

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Mediatek is finally neck to neck with Qualcomm again. Just a few hours back mediatek announced their first ever mmwave supported 5G modem the M80. This makes Mediatek the second company in the chipset market after qualcomm to do so. Qualcomm already has its X60 modem enabled with mm wave support, now the Helio M80 of Mediatek will move on to be its first competitor. The company has not released detailed features of the modem yet but it claims to have faster upload and download speeds than Qualcomm’s X60. Here is all that the taiwanese semiconductor company announced. Read on to find out all you need to know about the brand new helio M80 modem by mediatek.

It’s Mediatek vs Qualcomm as always!

MediaTek Finally Announces There First mmwave 5G Modem- All detail here: Technology

Mediatek and Qualcomm have been in combat almost always. Both chips provide high grade chips which are used in almost all mobile phones available today. 

  • Recently however the mediatek chips have been quite acclaimed for providing value for money chips. their dimensity series have been specially acclaimed for its power and low cost.
  • However when it came to 5G technology mediatek seemed to be lagging behind. Qualcomm released their modem X60 with mmwave support quite some time back. 
  • Mediatek too released their first ever integrated 5G modem in the dimensity 1000 series, by the name helio M70. However this was no competition for the X60 as it lacked the faster mmwave support. it just had the sub-6GHz.
  • For those who don’t know mmwaves is the best form of 5G data transfer technology available as of now. The technology allows data transfer upto 10 Gbps.

Well, though mediatek was a little slow to adopt this new technology. but it’s always better late than never. The company has finally unveiled their first ever mmwave supported 5G modem- the “Helio M80”. It will now be very interesting to see how it competes against Qualcomm’s X60. 

What do we know about the new modem?

MediaTek Finally Announces There First mmwave 5G Modem- All detail here: Technology

Here are some quick highlights of what was announced:

  • Much like the M70 this will also be an integrated chip.
  • The new chips have both the capabilities of mm waves and the sub-6GHz band.
  • The company has claimed that the modem will offer about 7.67Gbps download and 3.67Gbps upload speed. This is faster than the Qualcomm and the Exynos 5G chips in the market.
  • The chip will also have capabilities of: 
    • Dual 5G SIM
    • Dual 5G NSA and SA
    • Dual Voice over New Radio
    • Dynamic Spectrum Sharing
  • UltraSave Network Environment Detection
  • UltraSave Content Awareness technologies

The modem has been just announced and no word has been given as to when the modem will be commercially available. nonetheless whenever it does launch it is going to be a formidable contender in the modem market.

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