Heavy Handed Mod Destiny 2 – Where Are The Best Mods in Destiny 2 ?

    MOD (modification) in the games means a changes or alliteration in the aspects of the game either the way it looks or behave. Armor MOD in Destiny 2 is famous for it’s advantages on the weapon. If you socket those Armor MOD to your weapons and armour, you will enjoy the benefits of improvements like weapon handling, reload speed and kills. Heavy Handed mod Destiny 2 is one such Armor MOD in Destiny 2. Let’s see more details about that armour MOD.

    Heavy Handed mod Destiny 2

    Heavy Handed MOD is one of the powerful MOD in Destiny 2. It was released into the game during the season of Dawn. You can get it from the sale in the Banshee’s workshop at the Tower in Destiny 2 as one of the 10 MOD components. At the start of season of dawn, it was appeared as a reward in turn, while Tangled Shore Obelisk reach rank 7 in Resonance. After the end of the season, heavy Handed MOD was added into Banshee’s workshop.

    Heavy Handed mod Destiny 2 - where are the best mods in Destiny 2 ?

    Charged with light

    You can make the most use of heavy handed MOD by using it while you play with Charged with light system. Charged with light system give back fifty percentage of your melee energy to you, when you happened to use charge melee ability to attack your enemies. Heavy Handed MOD can be used while you attack your enemies with melee ability. Because it’s secondary perk will adds ammo to the weapon you are holding while your attack.

    The secondary perk of the heavy handed MOD will be activated only if one another Arc mode is attached to the weapon or armour you are aiming at the enemy or it will be activated if arc charge with light mod is attached to the another weapon or armour you are wearing while you are attacking.

    Thus these are the details you want to know about the heavy handed MOD in the Destiny 2. Have a happy play.

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