Dinosaur Armour Destiny 2 – The Festival of Lost 2021 : Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is all about finding new and exciting weapons or loot to power up the Guardian. Getting a good armour will help the players to complete the raids easily. Let’s see about the new Dinosaur Armour introduced in Destiny 2.

 Festival of lost in Destiny 2

Dinosaur Armour Destiny 2 - The Festival of Lost 2021 : Destiny 2

Festival of lost is one of the major events that happens in Destiny 2. It is a kind of Halloween event in the game, in which players get new themed armour in the game. In 2020 Festival of lost, armour theme was Werewolves, Vampires and Frankenstein. Like wise, this year Bungie planned to release the armour theme according to fans vote. They have released two armour themes models like classic movie monster and ancient dinosaurs. Players have to vote on the theme they like to have for this year celebration.

Dinosaur Armour Destiny 2

Dinosaur Armour Destiny 2 - The Festival of Lost 2021 : Destiny 2

Dinosaur Armour is one of the armour theme that Bungie planned to set for this year Festival of lost event. This Dinosaur Armour theme applies to all three Destiny 2 guardian classes like Hunter, Titan and Warlock. If Dinosaur Armour win the vote, Hunter will have the design like velociraptor who have big claws, Titan will get the design of Tyrannosaurus Rex with big open-mouthed skull as helmet and sharp red shoulder blades, Warlock will get the design of Triceratops which is the horned herbivore consists of three horned helmet and matching leather coat.

Possibility of winning

Dinosaur Armour have more to offer in case of design and uniqueness while comparing to their monster rivals. Even in social media, Dinosaur Armour has gained lots of traction than monster armour. In Destiny community on reddit, dinosaur armour seems to be dominating than the other armour. Lukesmith, Destiny 2 long time game director even voted to team Dino on Twitter.

Festival of lost going to happen during October but still Bungie started this armour theme voting too soon. It may be due to the time they need to finalize and approve the design or they want to distract the fans from next major content update called Witch Queen as it will be delayed till 2022.

This is all about new armour theme Dinosaur Armour in Destiny 2.

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