Destiny 2 Dino Armor – The Festival of Lost! : Destiny 2

    With the delay in the trial of Osiris in destiny 2. Bungie had released a statement. Further which encourages the players for 12-player raid glitch.  Bungie opt this to cover the damage caused by delaying the trial of Osiris. Check the complete article to know more about Destiny 2 Dino Armor.

    Destiny 2 Dino Armor

    Destiny 2 Dino Armor - The Festival of Lost! : Destiny 2

    Bungie had encouraged the players for a 12- players raid glitch. Moreover, they explained that they are not in rush to fix it. However, the question of which generally arises here is about the involvement of twelve players. Of course, it sounds weird. But, Bungie has also announced later that they will fix the bug prior to the return of Grand master Nightfall. 

    In addition to the above, Bungie had also inquired the players to choose between the new dinosaur themed armor and movie monster themed armor. Further, whatever is being chosen in majority will become applicable to armor for all the three Destiny 2 guardian classes. Hunter, Titan and Warlock are the three guardian classes in destiny 2.

    Destiny 2 Dino Armor - The Festival of Lost! : Destiny 2

    The image shown above is the one of the option provided by Bungie to the players to choose between.  And it is team Dino. Here, the Hunter is seemed to be more like a raptor. Further, it has some rock-hard scales and a bit more like scaly leather. The warlock looks more like a Triceratops and Titan as T. rex.  However, this is a Dino set of armor. And as per the voting session right now, they are receiving more likes than monsters.

    Furthermore, the second set is of monsters. In which the Hunter looks like a lizard creature. There are more cyclops on Titan, and they have a glow eyes and also a furry plate mail leggings. The below image is the second option by Bungie.

    However, it is still unpredicted who will win. Also, Bungie has not clarified about why they did so. Moreover, there are not so many chances for the monster costumes to win. However, the dinosaurs are being the third trend in the whole US just after this question went live. The players are really attractive towards the dinosaurs as they were expecting them more since last year. And also their arms and chests are of more use. Moreover, the most interesting fact about this trend is the involvement of the heads in the game itself. Luke smith, the game director also voted for Team Dino. Lastly, team Dino can be predicted to get back in this game with all of its upgrades.

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