Destiny 2 New Cutscene Breakdown – Someone Tried to Kill Zavala Again? : Destiny 2

Season of the chosen takes the crown of having the best story in destiny 2, with the jaw-dropping, bright-smile-inducing new cutscene where we saw Zavala, Crow, and Caiatl coming together. There’s no doubt saying this season is the best among all the previous ones. In this article, we are going to have a look at Destiny 2 New Cutscene. So, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about it.

As we know, the season of the chosen was released last month, and this season focuses on the storyline of Emperor Claus’ daughter Caiatl who helps guardians to defeat the forces of Xivu Arath.

Destiny 2 New Cutscene Breakdown - Someone Tried to Kill Zavala Again? : Destiny 2

Bungie has revealed new Proving grounds strike, and it will be available to all the guardians on March 30th. In this new add-on, guardians will go to Nessus for a strike, and this is supposedly the end of the Caiatl storyline for now.

Note: If you have a season pass, then you can play it right now.

In the Challenger’s Proving VII” quest, in the boss fight arena, After fighting Ignoven, the chosen of caiatl – and defeating him, there’s a cutscene that plays.

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Caiatl, Crow, and Zavala together | Destiny 2 New Cutscene Breakdown

The cutscene starts with a Psion named Valir with a sniper, standing at a cliff and looking down at the place where Caiatl , crow and Zavala are meeting, in order to assassinate Zavala. It can be seen that there are 6 people there, including caiatl, Zavala, and Crow. With Caiatl’s starting words, it’s clear that they are there to make a truce. It seems caiatl really want to have peace with humanity thus.

As she’s speaking, we can see the psion getting ready to snipe Zavala, and he fires with his light-disrupting device, ultimately shooting and bringing Zavala to his knees. One of the Psion that was there with them charges at Zavala, but Crow interrupts and gets injured, as he falls on the ground. At the same time, caiatl grips that psion and slams him on the ground, leaving him unconscious.

Destiny 2 New Cutscene Breakdown - Someone Tried to Kill Zavala Again? : Destiny 2

At the instant, the only question that arises in the minds of ours and of Zavala, the crow, is that: Did Caiatl plan this? But no, as it seems she did not. Just after slamming that psion, she looks at Zavala, who’s shocked, and says, “I didn’t order this.” Then she sends one of them who finds the psion who pulled the trigger and brought him to her.

When back to normal, Zavala strolls to Crow and asks if he’s alright, and in reply, Crow says that he’s alive, but it seems that his mask is gone, so now we see his face. Zavala realizes that the crow – his assigned guard is actually Uldren. Surprised yet calm,  Zavala reaches out his hand to help him up.

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Why are Psions Trying to Assassinate Zavala?

It’s a question that is speaking a lot of theories. Some are saying it’s Ixel, some are saying it could be Callus, while others say it could be Psions conspiring against Cabel. But one thing is clear is that Someone else is ordering Psions for this assassination.

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Is Caiatl Lying? | Destiny 2 New Cutscene Breakdown

With her recent acts, it is clear that she is not someone who would do something like this. She genuinely seems to care about peace between her and humanity, even tho she was not open about it before.

Even on Twitter, Caiatl took over and responded to some tweets of players where they accused her of ordering the assassination of Zavala. She replied: “If I wanted to kill Zavala, I would look him in the eyes when I did it. A warrior deserves no less.”

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What happens next? | Destiny 2 New Cutscene Breakdown

This season is coming to its finale, and as the story progresses, we will learn more about who is trying to kill Zavala.

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