Intruder Alert Destiny 2 – Seasonal challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen have lots of new seasonal challenges for the week four. Let’s see about the Intruder Alert Destiny 2 which is one of the seasonal challenge in the Destiny 2.

Intruder Alert Destiny 2

Intruder Alert Destiny 2 - Seasonal challenge in Destiny 2

Intruder Alert is one of the seasonal challenge in the week four of Season of Chosen in Destiny 2. In this challenge, players have to forbid the opponents from interrupting your ghost while it’s working away. You have to head to Battlegrounds: Oracle on Nessus and complete it twice to get lots of experience points (XP).

How to complete the Quest ?

Intruder Alert Destiny 2 - Seasonal challenge in Destiny 2

  • Go to the Battlegrounds: Oracle in Nessus. Once you reach there, go into the cavern near Vex Conflux. When you started it, you will get prompt for your ghost to scan Vex Conflux.
  • You have to be vigilant about the surrounding, because you must knock out the enemies who come to interrupt your ghost’s work.
  • You have to be concerned mainly on Disrupter Psions. They are the one who interrupt your ghost’s work.
  • Disrupter Psions will be marked by diamond waypoints, so it’s easy for you to take them out.
  • You will get a notification saying, “A Disrupter has entered the arena”, once the Disrupter Psions spawn into your area.
  • They will come one by one, so you will easily knock them out.
  • The second they spawn into your area, fire as soon as possible.
  • Use heavy weapons like Heavy ammo, Sniper rifle or Super weapons as they are hard enemies.
  • It’s advisable if you took your pre-made fire team because they will take care of other enemies when you will see Disrupter Psions.
  • While doing this challenge, kill the other enemies too. They may or may not interrupt the ghost. But killing them will drop the Barrier Passcode Fragments which will speed up your ghost’s work.
  • If the ghost reach 100% without any interruption, you will get Intruder Alert Season Challenge. If not, you have to start the first orbit.
  • You have to complete this challenge twice to get lots of experience points (XP)

This guide will help you to finish Intruder Alert Season Challenge in Destiny 2. Finish this challenge and get more experience points in the game.

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