When is The New Season of Fortnite Coming Out – Everything About the New Season : Fortnite

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As season five of Fortnite is reaching its end, the players looked a bit worried. Because there is no official announcement about season six of chapter 2 of Fortnite, read further for more information.

Season 5 of Fortnite chapter 2

Officially the season five of chapter 2 will be over on the 15th of March this year. Further, Zero points will come to an end on 15th March. However, there is no official update on season 6 of Fortnite. But as a matter of fact, you all know that season five will surely be ending by March 15. Also, many weekly challenges were delayed during this season.

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Season 6 of Fortnite chapter 2

As it is clear from the aforesaid things, that season six will begin in the last week in March. But sooner or later, it will be officially updated by Bungie. Further, it is expected to begin on March 16. Although, it is not officially announced.

This time, Bungie took the release so seriously that there is not even a minor hint from any patch notes. But as per some rumors, you can have a glimpse of Peter Griffin in this new season. However, players are expecting some interesting upgrades in this new season. And also have mentioned it, and they are :

  • return of pump shotgun
  • return of bouncers
  • more mobility options
  • increase in player capacity
  • restructure of assault rifle
  • return of Kevin the cube

Furthermore, many gamers also believed that the plot would depend on Agent Jonesy and the seven. And they all have their own opinions, now which one will fit in this phase is totally dependent on Bungie. However, there is only one announcement by Fornite, and that is that season six is still under trial. Fortnite announced on February 9 that season 6 is still going under testing through the Twitter account. 

When is The New Season of Fortnite Coming Out - Everything About the New Season : Fortnite

As mentioned earlier also, everyone has their opinions and theories. Similarly, as per a post on Reddit, it is explained that there will be a chance of something cuboid in the new season of Fortnite. Also, it is expected that players may found some major changes in Map and the upcoming skins.

Moreover, there will be some new codes, and the non-player characters may control the vehicles in season 6. However, there must be no official update from Bungie.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Latest Season Release Date of Fortnite. To get all the latest updates on Fortnite, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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