Eyegor Pet Battle World of Warcraft – How to Defeat Eyegor? : World of warcraft

    World of Warcraft released a new kind of battle in the game. The pet battle is an interesting battle that can be played in the game. Similarly, Eyegor pet battle is one of the pet battles and is believed to be hard. Further, check the article to win this battle and make an effective team.

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    Eyegor pet battle

    You can find one in Revendreth. Also, it can be acquired at levels 50-60. You can beat this battle with the help of further steps. The coordinates are 68/66. Further, the set-up used is:

    • Lil’s bling with inflation, Extra plating, and make it rain.
    • Iron starlette with wind up, Powerball, and supercharge.
    • The Macabre marionette with bone bite, death and decay, and dead man’s party.

    Eyegor Pet Battle World of Warcraft - How to Defeat Eyegor? : World of warcraft

    Further, you can also purchase the latest pet from the AH. Moreover, the first cast will be rain. Then cast inflation. However, this combo is sufficient to kill the pet. For the second pet, cast rain s long as you are not dead. Then allow iron starlette and cast wind up.

    Then cast supercharge and again cast wind up. This probably should have killed the next pet. Now, allow the third pet to take charge of the battle and cast windup. Do remember to cast wind up twice. If you can make it, then cast Powerball. At last, the final of your pet comes in the battle, cast Dead man’s party. Then keep casting bone bite until he dies.

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    The second way to defeat eyegor

    • Iron Starlette with wind up, toxic smoke, and supercharge
    • Tranquil Mechanical Yetti with metal fist, call lighting, and supercharge
    • Zandalari Kneebiter with a hunting party, blooding, and black claw

    Begin the battle with windup and then use supercharge and again wind up. For the next move, you have to use toxic smoke, which will further kill the first opponent’s pet. Then you will allow the Tranquil mechanical yetti and then use supercharge, which is followed by claw lighting. Then the kneebiter comes in, and you have to use the black claw followed by the hunting party. This is how you can win this battle.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Eyegor Pet Battle World of Warcraft. To get all the latest updates on World of Warcraft, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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