Stratios world of warcraft – How to kill Stratios ? : World of warcraft

    Although, the players are very much entertained by battling on their own in the field of Shadowlands. However, the players also have one more battle which may seem interesting but harsh on their pets. Of course, a pet battle is a one of the series of battle in Shadowlands. Similarly, Stratios in the Cliffs of Bastion is also among the pet battle. Read the article to discover more about Stratios world of warcraft.

    Stratios world of warcraft

    Stratios world of warcraft - How to kill Stratios ? : World of warcraft

    It is kyrian located in Bastion. Further, kyrian are the untamed spirits who protect the souls. Here, you have to lead a battle of pets. Stratio have Shelby, Tinyhoof and Glitterwing in the team. Your work is to fight against the team of pets. However, there are some ways with the help of which you can win this fight.

    1st way

    Your first way should be the team of Crow, Iron Starlette and Nexus Whelpling. The battle must begin with Crow’s Alpha strike. Then spell call of darkness which further enhance the favorable conditions for crow. After then use Nocturnal strike which is followed by the call of darkness and would have worked out for Shelby. Then, start the Arcane storm to create a dark weather and hit Tinyhoof with some back to back strike of ManaSurge. Laslty, bring in Iron Starlet and cast the spell of wind up.

    Stratios – 2nd way

    • coordinates 35.63
    • setup used is Glinean Raven with alpha strike, call darkness and nocturnal strike
    • Lil’s bling with inflation, extra plating and launch rocket
    • iron starlet with wind up, powerball and supercharged
    • Firstly, cast alpha strike, then cast call of darkness and after then cast nocturnal strike
    • with this you should kill the first pet
    • Further, cast alpha strikes until raven dies
    • then allow the entry of Bling in the fight and cast inflation until bling or tiny hoof dies
    • if you are unable to kill a tiny hoof with bling
    • then enter iron starlet into the battle and finish him off
    • on the final pet cast wind up, then cast supercharge and again cast windup
    • if the final pet is still alive use powerball

    Stratios – 3rd way

    • Ikky with black claw and flock
    • Tranquil mechanical yeti with metal fist, call lightning and supercharge
    • Chrominius with howl and surge of power
    • Begin with black claw and then flock
    • as ikky dies let the mechanical yeti lead the battle
    • however, a mechanical yeti kills the turtle in one strike
    • then yeti has to fight with the tiny hoof
    • use supercharge and then call lightning
    • for the last pet, use chrominius with howl and then surge of power.

    Above are some of the best possible ways to win this pet battle.

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