Fortnite collect cookbooks – Where to find Cookbook ? : Fortnite

Fortnite is once again up with its weekly challenges. Recently, week 14 challenge was released. And the challenge is to Fortnite collect cookbooks from a pleasant park and craggy cliffs. Therefore, to complete this challenge, you will be needing the locations. Hence, check this article explained below for all the necessary things you want to excel in this challenge.

Fortnite collect cookbook locations

Fortnite collect cookbooks - Where to find Cookbook ? : Fortnite

You have to find cookbooks in week 14 challenge. Although it sounds easy but in reality it is hard to find them. And for finding them, you must be aware of the locations. But the most important point here is time. You have to be quick when you know the locations. Moreover, you only have to find four cookbooks, two from each location. However, there are nine cookbooks in total. But as you only need to find  four cookbooks to complete this challenge. Hence, it is advisable for you to approach the rest, only if you have sufficient time.

Pleasant park

Fortnite collect cookbooks - Where to find Cookbook ? : Fortnite

This area have five cookbooks.

  • Start with the greenhouse and proceed towards the kitchen of the greenhouse.
  • The second one is in the White House which is right next to the greenhouse. The books look just like a shield and is highlighted by the blue color all around of it.
  • The third one is in the yellow house which is near to the white color house. Till now, all the houses are on the left-hand side of the pleasant park.
  • For the fourth book, you have run across the street where you will find a brick house. Exactly, the fourth cookbook is in this house.
  • For the last one you have to go to the dog house. It is the house where the dog spawns basically. Also, for this house you have to skip one house which is situated in between brick house and dog house.

Craggy cliffs

Fortnite collect cookbooks - Where to find Cookbook ? : Fortnite

All the books are laid down on the floor of the kitchen and nowhere else.

  • Beginning from the southern end. Go to the first building on your left-hand side which is basically a clock tower. As you enter the building, you will find the book right under the staircase.
  • For the next book, continue in the west direction. Search for the building which have a pink sign board.  And proceed in the middle floor of the building.
  • Now, for the third one move to the very southwestern building on the map. When you look in the kitchen inside the building, you will find the book over there.
  • For the last book, look out for the house which is facing towards the river. You will not usually be able to recognize it. But as soon as you take a round in this house, the cookbook will eventually add up.

For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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