Warzone Update 1.32 – Latest Updates in Call of Duty Warzone : Call of Duty

    Eventually, Call of Duty Warzone is easy to pick up and play the game. Recently, a new update, 1.32 of Warzone, was released. In this update, you will know about the playlist update and gameplay. Furthermore, check the complete article to know in brief about patch 1.32.

    Warzone Update 1.32 - Latest Updates in Call of Duty Warzone : Call of Duty

    Warzone Update 1.32

    Playlist update

    • Addition of blood money trios in Plunder
    • Addition of Resurgence extreme in Rebirth Island.
    • Removing blood money quads from Plunder
    • Removing mini royale trios, resurgence quads from Rebirth Island


    • if players stay continuously in gas will suffer more damage
    • Intel missions have been removed
    • previously unlocked seasonal challenges can finish after the season ends.
    • Balanced the XP gain of KingSlayer and other unique modes to match the XP of core BR.


    Warzone Update 1.32 - Latest Updates in Call of Duty Warzone : Call of Duty

    Outbreak Free Trial

    1. from February 25 to March 4
    2. free access to brand-new zombies
    3. action-packed multiplayer maps
    4. onslaught is also available to PlayStation

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    Outbreak challenge event

    1. Earn charm, stickers, emblems, and many more by completing challenges in Warzone.
    2. You can claim all the rewards in this challenge

    2XP + 2WXPWeekend

    1. all players will get double  XP and double weapon XP this weekend.

    Battle pass

    1. 100 tiers, a new operator, and first reactive weapon blueprint
    2. tier 0- operator Naga, park operator skin, and mission
    3. tier 15- FARA 83 assault rifle
    4. tier 31- LC10SMG
    5. tier 95- vulture exo ultra rarity
    6. tier 100- warlord Naga skin and operator mission

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    1. In Shipwreck, Vodianory has run an aground in the low estuary of swamp ground less than a klick west of the Zordaya Prison Complex.
    2. In Missile Silos, discovered three war monuments. They are Jarvdinsk spomenik, Zoszni spomenik and Styor spomenik.


    1. FARA 83– AR, unlocked via battle pass tier 15
    2. LC10-SMG– unlocked in battle pass tier 31
    3. Machete- melee – unlocked in weapon challenge or store bundle
    4. Groza-AR
    5. Mac-10-SMG

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    General fixes

    1. players are not allowed to spawn outside of the Gulag combat area
    2. fixed issues with reticle streaming
    3. The Grinch Forest Spirit skin now properly renders at all distances
    4. Mac10 weapon unlock challenge now tracks correctly when getting 2 rapid kills
    5. Fixed issue with war tracks not playing correctly
    6. fixed issue causing the Heartbeat sensor showing incorrect display with Ghost perk
    7. prestige banners include correct text.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Warzone Update 1.32To get all the latest updates on Call of Duty Warzone, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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