How to Claim Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy ? : Valorant

    Hello guys, do you know there is an amazing Rocket Launcher in the Valorant which is  Lovebyte Gun Buddy and today I will be guiding you on how to claim the Lovebyte Gun Buddy in Volarant. So, read till the end for How to Claim Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy ?

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    About the Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy

    How to Claim Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy ? : Valorant

    • Volarant is a multiplayer game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft windows. The was first teased in the year 2019 under the codename project and late the games were free to access to the players on April 7 2020 and the official release was made on 2nd June 2020.
    • As a February drop from Prime Gaming for players, the Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy was released on Feb 22.
    • Many game developers and publishers make it possible to demand prizes by Prime Gaming. Prime Gaming is part of the Amazon Prime subscription scheme, formerly known as Twitch Prime.
    • Those who have an Amazon Prime account will connect their Twitch accounts at no extra cost to the special subscription.
    • In February 2021, Volarant offered Riot’s free Gun Buddy game. Gun Buddy is a customizable weapon that, like any other common Call of Duty: Warzone game, can boost your performance and kill enemies in the game.

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    How to Claim Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy ?

    How to Claim Valorant Lovebyte Gun Buddy ? : Valorant

    • At first, players must have a Riot game account and the game’s prime subscription. IF you don’t have it then you have to be the amazon prime subscription and link those two accounts so you will get tone account access or free.
    • After the subscription head towards the mission where you will find the link to claim the gun buddy.
    • After claiming, the Lovebyte Gun Buddy will appear in your Volarant Inventory. 10 Radianite points and another Gun Buddy were previously made available by Riot Games through Prime Gaming.

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