Destiny 2 Presage Guide – How to Complete the Quest ? : Destiny 2

    Destiny 2 Presage Guide – How to Complete the Quest? Full Guide. Refer to this article for more details about the same.

    Destiny 2 Presage Guide

    Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen features an exotic quest namely, the Presage on 16th of February. is an exotic quest that you can do now in. The location of the quest and its puzzle rooms add a twist to it. The Dead Man’s Tale exotic scout rifle is the reward that you will be getting on completing this quest whose guide is given below. 

    How to Complete the Quest ?

    Destiny 2 Presage Guide - How to Complete the Quest ? : Destiny 2

    To start the quest, follow the steps-

    • In the EDZ panel, launch the Arms Dealer strike.
    • The Cabal hologram in the very first area features a new doorway.
    • Enter the passageway to enter an area similar to a helipad.
    • Head to the Tower and talk to Zavala as soon as you get the scannable item from the right of the above location.
    • This kick starts The Presage quest. This will be indicated by the icon displayed in the Tangled Shore’s map.
    • It will be as if Zavala is sending you on a quest to investigate the ship.

    As you go ahead you will find different divisions of the quest. They are- The Electric Force Field, The Trash Compactor, Fighting the Scorn, few more puzzle rooms, Cheesing the Locus of Communication boss and the Dead Man’s Tale.

    The Dead Man’s Tale

    Destiny 2 Presage Guide - How to Complete the Quest ? : Destiny 2

    This is 120 RPM scout rifle which is a unique Kinetic to Destiny 2. Its exotic perk is Cranial Spike and it is responsible for causing multiple-precision hits. It also enables the rifle to deal with higher damage and improves it’s reloading speed. In addition to that, it also features Transformative perkplaceholder perk, etc. Through some of its random perks, players get a chance to earn Outlaw or Vorpal Weapon.

    The Dead Man’s Tale also comprises a Catalyst that is not currently available. Unlocking the Master version of the mission or a tougher mission may lead to the reveal of Dead Man’s Tale Catalyst. The developers are still working on it along with the improvisation of existing missions.

    All in all, the quest is simply worth the reward and the reward is simply worth of the quest completion struggle.

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