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No man’s sky, The most anticipated Game award winner, is a Space exploration-survival game developed and published by Hello games studio. It was formally released for Playstation 4 and Microsoft Windows in august 2016, and by November 2020, it was available for all the platforms. With a great game story, they have brought in some amazing Atlas Passes in the game. Let’s talk about how to get the v1, v2, and v3 atlas passes? And How to get No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass?

No Man’s Sky Atlas pass, including v1, v2, and v3

No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass is something you will get to know utilizing the game’s fundamental story. However, different levels of it are altogether discretionary for you to get. You will have to go chasing for different emphases of the Pass in case you need to expand your admittance to plunder in No Man’s Sky and become famous as an adroit Traveler.

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Instructions to get Pass v1

No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v1 is the least demanding of the multitude of variations to get, and most players will procure it in transit through the principle story missions. You really get it from an outsider Geek named Polo, who lives on the Space Anomaly that you’ll meet at different focuses through your intergalactic excursion.

In case you’re beginning your No Man’s Sky venture from the earliest starting point, you’ll first experience the Space Anomaly in your third cosmic system – otherwise known as after two twist hops. At the point when you see the Space Anomaly, head inside and address Polo.

No Man's Sky Atlas Pass - Gamestanza

He’ll give you a journey to finish a Milestone, just as compensation on the spot, only for addressing him. Yet, more critically, whenever you’ve finished the journey – which changes from player to player – re-visitation of him, and he’ll instruct you to return two hours (indeed, true hours). At the point when you’ve done that, you can pick an innovation diagram for your Starship, Exosuit or Multi-Tool, and you ought to get the Atlas Pass as your extra prize.

To fabricate the Atlas Pass, you’ll have to get 80 copper and a microchip.

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Step by step instructions to get the No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v2 and v3

no mans sky v2 No Man's Sky Atlas Pass - Gamestanza

Presently comes the interesting part, getting the No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v2 and v3. On the grounds that we can’t have any entryways interfering with us and our plunder, can we individual space wayfarers? Shockingly, getting these higher adaptations of the Atlas Pass is significantly trickier than the v1.

Since the time the No Man’s Sky Next update showed up, the Atlas Pass v2 has gotten extraordinarily uncommon, with some proposing that it’s been jettisoned for simply jumping directly to the No Man’s Sky Atlas Pass v3. This will open all entryways, so it is really a truly beneficial thing for players. In any case, that shockingly doesn’t make it any simpler to discover.

no mans sky v3 No Man's Sky Atlas Pass - Gamestanza

We’ve had no clue so far finding the Atlas Pass v2 or v3. Yet, as indicated by the No Man’s Sky Reddit, they are accessible from Manufacturing Facilities that you can discover on planets. The simplest method to discover these offices is to assemble a Signal Booster and sweep for them.

No Man's Sky Atlas Pass - Gamestanza

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