Intercepted Distress Signal Destiny 2 | Dead Man’ Tale Exotic Quest : Destiny 2

    Intercepted Distress Signal Destiny 2 is a part of the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Quest. Many players have missed this part while playing the game. And maybe they have not realized it even if they came across the same. You will cross path with the Intercepted Distress Signal while looking for the Exotic scout Riffle which was released in the Destiny 2’s season of the chosen. So for the start you will first have to locate the Intercepted Distress Signal location. The location is mentioned below.

    Intercepted Distress Signal Destiny 2

    Intercepted Distress Signal Destiny 2 | Dead Man' Tale Exotic Quest : Destiny 2

    To find this players will first have to get into the Arms Dealer strike. Players can load into this from either the strike playlist or the night fall. This can also be done by opening the EDZ location and selecting strike from it, in the Director and manually opting for it.

    Intercepted Distress Signal Destiny 2 | Dead Man' Tale Exotic Quest : Destiny 2

    • Once this is done and players are into The Arms Dealer strike, the first team of enemies come across immediately. They will appear as soon as the player is able to move around freely in the game.
    • If you are looking for the Intercepted Distress Signal then you will have to move straight ahead from the place you were spawned at. If the players are not looking for it then usually they turn left and head out of the door, so that they encounter more and more enemies.
    • Players will come across a door which was previously inaccessible once they move ahead after they are spawned. They will have to enter it.

    Intercepted Distress Signal Destiny 2 | Dead Man' Tale Exotic Quest : Destiny 2

    • Then the players have to fight across the Honoured Scorpious turrets and then come back out. After they are out they will have to fight with some more turrets and a yellow- bar Cabel. The Cabel’s name is Than’Grot.
    • It is a loyal of Caiatl. Once you defeat it your area will be clear to proceed further. Next thing the players will have to do is to jump to the platform which will be on the right when the players will  be walking out of the door.
    • Here they will see the Intercepted Distress Signal in a container. Players will have to grab it. There will also be a guide to show the players the way out of that area. And then move further to locate the Exotic Scout Riffle.

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