How Many People Play Rainbow Six Siege? : R6 Growth Over the Years : Rainbow Six Siege

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Developed by Ubisoft, R6 siege is still gaining on in the gaming world. Quarter 3rd report is now issued. And Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six siege is registered with 70 million players since its launch. It is an online tactical video shooter game. Further, the game can be played in single-player and multiplayer mode. Although, the game seems quite technical to the new gamers. But those who are stuck to this game since its release will soon be getting tons of benefits from this massive success. Read the complete article to know about the growth of this game in brief.

How Many People Play Rainbow Six Siege: R6 Growth Over the Years : Rainbow Six Siege

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3rd Quarter report

Major highlights

  • there is the solid acquisition of approximately 70 million players
  •  net bookings are between €860M and €960M
  • Rainbow six quarantine is postponed due to work from home
  • there were 65 million registered players in the 2nd quarter
  • hence, the number of registered players is increased by 5 million in just 1 quarter
  • Ubisoft is now in 1st position of the publisher by unit sales

Furthermore, in the year 2020, Ubisoft reported the registered number of players is 60 million. Clearly, there is an increase of 10 million. This game is purely advancing the competition level in the gaming world in the current scenario. The above facts are purely from Ubisoft’s Q3 official report.

The fact behind this sudden increase is not only limited to the gaming theme. But also, their regular updates have largely impacted this remarkable achievement. Moreover, the updates further support the latest consoles. Also, it enables 120 FPS  mode on Xbox X and PS5. The game was also recorded at its highest peak of existing players on steam in January 2021.

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Change in the number of players on Steam

On the steam, the first registered number of players was 20,006 in the year 2016. Further, in 2018, the game hit the peak again in March with 1,76,208 peak players. Again in March 2020, the peak players were 1,98,567. In February 2021, 123637  is the peak number of players.

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