Where is XUR This week ? | Destiny 2 trials loot this week – XUR Location, Loot and rewards : Destiny 2

    In this article we were going to give information on XUR location, loot and rewards available in this week in destiny 2 game. So, kindly read the article till the end to know about the XUR location, what type of loot and rewards available in this week in destiny2.

    Destiny 2 an multiplayer mode free online shooting game created and published by bungie. It was an one of the most playable and adventurous shooting online game with many new tasks and events in game. This game was released on 6th september,2017 and it was now available to play on ps4, xbox one, microsoft windows, stadia, xbox series x/s, ps5.

    This Week XUR Location and Rewards:

    Where is XUR This week ? | Destiny 2 trials loot this week - XUR Location, Loot and rewards : Destiny 2

    As game was becoming more popular among the people bungie and his team were introducing an new features, rewards for players in the game every week to entertain the players with game. And this week bungie have introduced new rewards in the game by returning Xur to the game.

    Xur an one of the character in game sells exotic weapons and armor in the game to the players at random locations in weekends. And those random locations were Winding Cove in the EDZ, Giant’s Scar on IO, The Rig on Titan, on the Emperor’s Barge on Nessus, or in the Hangar in the Tower.

    As information this week xur will be available on Winding cove in the EDZ from 5th february to 9th february. And players of game who wish to get new weapons and armors can approach xur during this specific time.

    In this week just like in the past, xur have come with new weapons and armor. According to information this week inventory were Telesto, Sunbracers, Gwisin Vest, Severence Enclosure, Exotic Engram and in this inventory will consists of legendary shards .

    Below Be The List Of Xur’s Inventory Items For This Week:

    • Telesto:29 legendary Shards
    • Sunbracers:23 legendary Shards
    • Gwisin vest:23 legendary Shards
    • Severence enclosure:23 legendary Shards
    • Exotic engram:97 legendary Shards (In this player will have option to purchase the second one with an exotic cipher)
    • Exotic cipher quest: free in the game

    So, that’s it guys this was all information available on Xur location, loot and rewards in this week in destiny 2.

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