Destiny 2 TWAB – This Week At Bungie : Destiny 2

The portion of the population engaged in video games stays desperate for new and thrilling games to be introduced in the world of video games. Video Games have become so popular among the youth and the children that they are always found indulged in the gaming dimension. Following this trend, even electronic devices like laptops/PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets are designed to multiply this gaming excitement. In this article, we are going to talk about Destiny 2 TWAB. So, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about it.

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Destiny 2

Also known as a New Light, Destiny 2 is the second rendition to the Destiny series of online shooting video games. The Destiny 2 video game is available free of cost globally compatible with Microsoft Windows, PlayStation4, XboxOne, Stadia, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. The Destiny 2 was officially released in September 2017 with its initial features.

Destiny 2 TWAB - This Week At Bungie : Destiny 2

Not only was the video game limited to these basic features, but also it had gone through numerous alterations and modifications as per the demands and requests of the users. The theme of the shooting video game has remained the same as in the first series of Destiny games, but the only difference lies in their content and further expansion to the story of the original series.

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Destiny 2 TWAB

Destiny 2 has the same three classes of characters present in the original series, viz, Warlock, Hunter, and Titan, with some upgrades in their powers, skills, and abilities. This series has further upgrades in the weapons and ammunition as well. Destiny 2 also features weekly newsletters under the heads of TWAB. TWAB stands for “This Week At Bungie.” The TWAB is released every Thursday with new elements and certain relevant changes. Each TWAB brings new challenges and dimensions to be explored in the genre with over-powered actions and result-driven ammunitions.

Destiny 2 TWAB - This Week At Bungie : Destiny 2

This Week At Bungie is a newsletter, or, better say, a published blog every week. The constituents of This Week At Bungie are the news and updates of Bungie and Destiny 2 shooting video games.

The register of TWAB is set chronologically as you scroll down-

1. Setting The Stage: TWAB – 2/20/2020

2. Double Up: TWAB – 2/13/2020

3. Candy Hearts Inbound: TWAB – 2/6/2020

4. More Time Travel: TWAB – 1/30/2020

5. Pathways Into Brightness: TWAB – 1/23/2020

6. We Don’t Need Roads: TWAB – 1/16/2020

7. The Dawn of a New Year: TWAB – 1/9/2020

8. New Dawn: TWAB – 12/19/2019

9. Dawned And Ready: TWAB – 12/12/2019

10. Save a Legend: TWAB – 12/05/2019

11. Thank You: TWAB– 11/26/2019

12. Harness The Sun: TWAB – 11/21/2019

13. Are You Sick From All The Candy Yet?: TWAB – 11/14/2019

14. The Burden of Izanagi: TWAB – 11/07/2019

15. What’s Scarier Than a One-Eyed Mask?: TWAB – 10/31/2019

16. Time To Get Medieval: TWAB – 10/24/2019

17. From Launch To Orbit: TWAB– 10/17/2019

18. We Will Fight Them On The Landing Zones: TWAB – 10/10/2019

19. Ghosts torment the Moon: TWAB – 10/03/2019

20. Locked and Preloaded: TWAB – 9/26/2019

21. First to Raid: TWAB – 9/19/2019

22. Marking Your Calendars: TWAB – 9/12/2019

23. Counting Down The Days: TWAB – 9/5/2019

24. Out West: This Week At Bungie – 8/29/2019

25. Cross Saved: TWAB – 8/22/2019

26. Digging Deep: TWAB – 8/15/2019

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Destiny 2 has been nominated for various awards such as at The Game Awards of  2017 and The Game Critics Awards, both of which were won by the video game.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about Destiny 2 TWAB. To get all the latest updates on Destiny 2, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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