What is a illegal restart in fortnite ? | Account ban and cheating in Fortnite : Fortnite

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Fortnite is a booming name in the e-sport market. A number of tournaments are held every now and then with a big pool of money. A lot of highly charged competition is always in the air when these tournaments happen. With so much at stake, not every player shows the best of sportsmanship. Many players try to find some technicality in the game software and use it to their advantage. However, the developers of fortnite have a great record at identifying such loopholes and closing them as soon as possible, so as to give a level playing field to all genuine players. One such cheating practice that has come to the light now is the illegal restart practice that many players have been incorporating recently. Read on to know exactly what is an illegal restart  in fortnite ? How to protect yourself from Account ban and cheating in Fortnite.

What is the illegal restart in Fortnite ?

Recently many players all over the world have started receiving a warning saying that they have been using unfair practices namely “illegal restart” , and if they continue to do so their account will be banned.

What is a illegal restart  in fortnite ? | Account ban and cheating in Fortnite : Fortnite

Reportedly fortnite have just altered it’s terms and conditions to include this illegal restart as a banned thing in tournaments.

Many of the players using this have reported not knowing that such a practise was illegal, and have said that they were indulging in this unknowingly.

Here are the two methods of re-entering by which a game restart in tournament matches may be deemed illegal by Fortnite:

  1. A player after losing in the qualifiers or at any stage in a tournament under a certain team, cannot join the tournament again under a different team. This method of restarting the tournament has been deemed illegal.
  2. Similarly, a person after being disqualified from one region, cannot change his region and re-enter the tournament. This method of restarting the tournament has also been deemed illegal.

Will your account be banned?

The important thing to note here is that these rules are only for the tournament matches. For regular day to day matches these rules don’t apply.

What is a illegal restart  in fortnite ? | Account ban and cheating in Fortnite : Fortnite

So, if you’re a tournament player beware of the two illegal restarts methods stated above or else your account will be banned on the fortnite server!!!!!

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