Rocket League Update 1.92 | New Changes in Rocket league, Bug Fixes, and Much More! : Rocket league

Rocket car was acclaimed for being a very innovative game upon its release some five six years back. The game also gained a fair amount of popularity. Though after it became free to play last year, it’s popularity soared once again. Psyonix the developer and publisher of the game has done a great job, to keep the game relevant still after so many years of it’s release. This was achieved mainly by the regular patch updates that the game pushes. The game has an excellent feedback resolution record and it needs to cover all bugs and problems encountered by it’s players. Continuing with the good punctuality the game developers released the latest patch that is version 1.92. Here is all that has changed in the new update. Read on to find out New Changes, Bug Fixes, and Much More in the Rocket League Update 1.92.

Rocket League Update 1.92

Rocket League Update 1.92 | New Changes in Rocket league, Bug Fixes, and Much More! : Rocket league

  • The latest update brings quite a few new things to the game. First of the game brings the NFL Super Bowl LV Celebration, which the players can participate in.
  • The game has also made some changes in the video settings and has added a “effect intensity” option in the video menu, the devs say that this has been done upon huge demand by the players.
  • The update also introduces a brand new Fennec decal. The players can buy it from the eshop for any of the teams they like.
  • Rocket pass pro tier and premium rocket pass has also been introduced. The game has also made new rules as to which tier player can but how much pro tier pass.
  • In addition to all all these new changes the developers have done many of the bug fixes including the quick chat bug in the split screen, the MVP player anthem bug, the bug allowing the player to trade single credit, and many more..
  • You can also Access the complete patch notes from the game’s official website here-

For more such updates, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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