Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5 – All you Need to know : Fortnite

Fortnite season 5  launched its week 6 challenges officially on January 7, 2021.  Fortnite is an online video game. It functions by introducing weekly challenges to the gamer. In the week 6 challenge, there are seven Epic quests and five Legendary quests. After completing a legendary quest, the player may obtain a secret cosmetic reward added by Epic in this weekly challenge. Signal the coral buddies is one of the quests out of 7 Epic quests. Continue reading to know more about Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5.

Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5

Coral buddies are little shells like structures in the game. Once the player reaches them, they emit a blue aura, or blue lights scatter out of them. There are only three coral buddies in the coral castle under the week 6 challenge. The player needs to quickly signal these coral buddies to avoid competition with other players. Also, players need to destroy the purple corals, although it is not compulsory to destroy them.

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Signal the coral buddies

  • The First coral buddy quest is in the Northwest of the coral castle. This coral buddy is a bit smaller than compared to other shells in the coral castle. It is located right in front of the castle’s balcony, and the giant rocks surround it like structures in the background.

Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5 - All you Need to know : Fortnite

  • Moving further, the second coral buddy is in the Southwest direction of the coral castle. The Southwest corner has a landmass area. Under a large purple coral structure, the player will find the next coral buddy. The gamer is suggested to destroy the big purple coral which covers this coral buddy.

Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5 - All you Need to know : Fortnite

  • Reaching for the last one. After signaling the second coral buddy, the player will move towards the coral castle’s southern end to signal the last coral buddy. The 3rd coral is located near a small building that is 2 by 1 in size.

Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5 - All you Need to know : Fortnite

Fortnite week 6 Epic quests | Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5

  1. Blow up the fishing holes at Sharky Shells, Sweaty Ponds, and Flopper Pond
  2. Explore the fishing holes at Lazy lake island, Lake canoe, and near steamy stacks
  3. Catch fish
  4. Signal the coral buddies
  5. Destroy motorboats
  6. Ruin boats
  7. Knockdown fishing rod barrels

Therefore, above is all the information you guys needed about Coral Buddies Fortnite Season 5. Follow us on Google News, and stay tuned with Game Stanza if you want some more relevant information. Please let us know in the comment section.

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