What does SMP stand for in Minecraft ? – Everything to know! : Minecraft

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What does SMP stand for in Minecraft ? - Everything to know! : Minecraft

Minecraft is an ever-famous video game of the Minecraft series. This game genre is sandbox and survival and it features both single and multiplayer mode. It is accessible in Windows, OS X and Linux platforms since 18th November 2011. Mojang Studios or Mojang is both developer and publisher while Microsoft Windows and Sony Interactive Entertainment are other publishers.

This 3D game is available in both first and third-person perspective. Although there aren’t any specific goals, you can progress in the game keeping the achievement system. It is called as advancements or trophies. The gameplay is all about building your own world using the 3D objects, that are generally referred to as blocks. You can build anything and everything through the in-game actions. The game comprises of day and night cycles that actually lasts for 20 mins of real-world time. Variation in mode, maps, etc. adds thrill to the game.

What does SMP stand for in Minecraft?

What does SMP stand for in Minecraft ? - Everything to know! : Minecraft

In Minecraft, SMP implies “Survival Multiplayer”

Survival mode is one among the main game modes in Minecraft. In this mode, players have to carry out a variety of activities. Few of them are collecting resources, building structures, battling mobs, eating, exploring and taking efforts to survive in the in-game world.  Though the main goal is to survive, build and explore but you can also choose to defeat the Ender Dragon and the Wither.

Unlike other modes, here, the player will be receiving environmental damage like fall damage, suffocation and lava. The highlighting twist is damage from hostile mobs until and unless you are playing on peaceful. The player returns to a spawn point if he or she dies by getting enough damage.

In Survival mode, players can collect items in their inventory. The blocks that need to be broken down consume certain time but after that, you can use these items in the crafting process.

This mode is further classified as follows:

  • Survival single-player (SSP): It is the default game mode of Minecraft which can be played online or offline.
  • Survival multiplayer (SMP): In this mode, players can form a community and play the game after connecting to a central Minecraft server. Players can also establish interaction among them and work with or against each other. Friends can play together on a private server with the help of mode. Ultimately, they must achieve their Survival goals to get rewards.

The top 5 plugins for SMP servers are:

  1. Essentials X
  2. Drills
  3. Quests
  4. Core Protect
  5. Protection Stones

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