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If you love challenges, and love to live in the wilderness, and harsh surroundings, just like Bear Grylls, but in a video game, then you should make yourself ready for Top 10 Upcoming Best Survival Games 2021.

Today, we will be discussing about the upcoming top 10 best survival games in 2021. As, it is just the starting of the year, so it’s the best time to ponder over this topic. We will try as much as possible to mention the top 10 games, but if by chance we forgot to mention any of your favourite game, so please write it down in the comments, so that we check that thing, and whether we missed it.

Top 10 Upcoming Best Survival Games 2021


This game is set during The Dark Age, Going Medieval requires the players to rebuild a civilization in a world, where 95% of the global population is dead, because of widespread plague. Due to the perishment of most of the population, nature has taken most of the land, which is helping in another way, i.e.; providing perfect foundation for many new settlements. As, the players progress in the game, they will unlock new weapons and different type of equipment using the research they have done. In the game, the players will be designing their own settlement, and houses, moving from small wooden huts to massive stone castles.


The original System Shock, which was released in 1994, received a lot of appraisal from critics, because of the game’s realistic physics for that time, and the determined scaling of its 3D evironments. And, there’s a surprise, the game’s developer is looking forward to bring the original version to life, with a new remake of the game, which will be releasing this year. The developer has been working all time for this game, carefully re-creating that scientific image.

The developer is also trying to collaborate with the former members of the Looking Glass Studios, which is the original developer of the game. The game which received so much praise, is now remembered for elevating the first-person survival games, although it had a limited success.


Undying is a famous linear-focused survival game. In the game, there is a mom playing, but then she gets infected with a zombie virus at the start of the game. Now, she got only days before her transformation is completed, so she tries her best to teach her young son as many important skills, as she can, to prepare him for the challenges that lay ahead of them.

This game features some common activities, which are present in most of the survival games such as finding shelter, fighting the enemy to stay alive. There will be many moments where the player will have to succumb to their zombie instincts, to save the life of child as well as themselves.

4)  MONSTRUM 2:-

There have been nearly five years, since Team Junkfish’s survival horror game, Monstrum 2 was released, and now the fans are in no mood of more waiting for the game. In the original game, you have to attempt to escape a procedually-generated ship, and prevent yourself getting hunted from the three monsters.  The game was generally considered to be creepy by the players, due to its atmosphere.

The game will toss groups of 4 into a procedually-generated ship, where they will have to fight with a monster, which is controlled by a fifth player. The teams will have to work together in the game in order to find a way to kill, while trying to avoid getting killed.


There is some work going on a new game, being developed by Zeno Clash Developer ACE Team, i.e. The Eternal Cylinder. In the game, players are charged with guiding various weird looking creatures through life, as they try to survive in a different world, in the midst of different dangers.

The game includes fights with predators, fight with thirst and hunger, and avoiding a massive, moving roller that kills anything that comes in its way. As the creatures explore the game, and feed themselves, they start to experience evolution, as their bodies adjust to the environment present in the game.


The players are presented with a hybrid open-world PVE, a class based PVP experience. The game takes place in a different sci-fi world, where the Moon was shattered by an asteroid, which freezed the earth, and introduced a virus, which turns humans into bloodthirsty monsters, which are called Scourge. The player’s character is given the work to find a cure while fighting for the future of the human civilization.

The game is actually a third-person shooter game, but it also features a lot of combats. As the game is both PVP and PVE at all times, so the players will have to coordinate with their teammates to secure the outposts, gather the intelligence, and take out the other team.


In this game, the players step into the role of a sugar glider, who is forced to abandon his home, after a powerful storm passes through. The players will be experiencing a widespreading open world, in search of safety, and new home. The game tries to gather focus on the changing environments, while using the unique abilities of sugar-glider.

There are many predators who can kill the players, in addition to the natural disasters present in the game. The game is currently in full development mode, and it can be expected to come out soon this year.


This game is for those, who love incorporate base-building into their survival gameplay. The game is currently undergoing development at EXOR Studios. It sees you stepping onto the shoes of Ashley s. Nowak, who is a highly skilled scientist and commando. Nowak and her mecha-suit ” Mr. Riggs” set out to connect space across a large distance, by building a network of bases.

The players are tasked with building a new, strong foundation, for the future colonies to have a new hostile, alien planet. Then, the players will build and refine bases, adding defenses and many production statiions, and upgrading your equipments.


Endling makes the players move through a not much motivating tale about a near-future where the world is in ruins, due to the mankind’s negative impact on the earths ecosystem. The game focuses on the destructive nature of the human race. It casts the player as the last remaining fox on earth.

The players are required to stay alive, with whatever resources they have, taking care of themselves as well as their players. But then tragedy comes, when one of your pups is taken by a predator. Then the player uses the clues, such as the pup’s scent in order to find that predator. With ongoing time, the pups will grow and begin to have lot of unique personalities, e.t.c.


If you are a player, who likes to team up with other players, then you will like to play this new game; Tribes of Midgard. The game is an upcoming survival game with vibrant cel-shaded graphics. In this game, you play the game like a Viking living in a village.

The game tasks the players to explore a growing world, which is filled with a diverse environment, different types of creatures, hidden deities and many natural resources. The game also features tower defense inspired battles. The players can work together in tribes of 10 and build bases, battle enemies, and attack the enemy camps.

So, these are the top 10 best upcoming survival games in 2021. I tried to write all the best games that i could, but if you think that i am missing some game, please mention that in the comments. I would love to learn about that game, which i missed.

So, I hope you liked the article, and as always, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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