Rare Apple 1 Computer Built by Steve Jobs is for Sale at $1.5 Million : Technology

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The Computer which was built by Steve Jobs is for Sale for $1.5 Million on eBay. Many people don’t know about this first-ever computer made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. I will give all the details about this computer and the sale too. So, read till the end.

About Rare Apple 1 Computer

Rare Apple 1 Computer Built by Steve Jobs is for Sale at $1.5 Million : Technology
  • The original 1976 concept built by renowned inventor Steve Wozniakan incredibly rare Apple1 computerhas gone up for sale on eBay at a price of $1.5 million.
  • Apple 1 was the first Apple computer offered to buyers and Wozniak sold a $500 calculator and the late steve jobs sold his VW Microbus to his project.
  • Just a year later, in 1977, when the Apple-II was released, the Apple-1 was discontinued. Just 200 Apple-1 units (plus a few in pre-production) were ever made, according to the Apple-1 Registry.
  • After 1 year of production of Apple 1 in 1977, the introduction of Apple 2 was discontinued. According to the registry, only 200 computers were created for Apple 1.

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Rare Apple 1 Computer eBay Sale

Rare Apple 1 Computer Built by Steve Jobs is for Sale at $1.5 Million : Technology

  • This Apple 1 Computer Sale is live on eBay with a whopping $1.5 Million and you can find it on eBay- Link
  • This Apple-1 computer is one of the totals of six computers that are having an original Byte Shop KOA wood case.
  • An original Sony TV-115 display with a video modulator is also included in the bid.
  • According to the device’s Apple-1 Registry entry, the only parts to have been replaced on this specific unit are its video and keyboard connectors.
  • There are slight changes in the motherboard as it is hand soldered and the connector pin, blake speculated that it may have originally been meant for military use.
  • Back In 2014, the Apple 1 computer was sold for $905,000, It was assumed that this new record-holder was one of the first batches of 50 units that Wozniak designed himself.

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