Carpe Noctem Valorant – One of the most crazy team in the world! : Valorant

In this article we were going to give information about the carpe noctem valorant. So, kindly read the article till the end to know about carpe noctem team and valorant game.

Valorant an multiplayer free to play first person shooting game created and published by riot games. This was an one of the wonderful game with many adventurous events and tasks to players in game. It was available to play and released on 2nd june,2020 to microsoft windows. And it’s an team based game where players have to tackle each of them to win.

Carpe Noctem an united states online or offline playing team. It’s an one of the most popular team plays an challenge matches for game valorant. And this team was in #32 number in North America and in this month january it was between #25 to #32 number team for valorant. As information it’s an unorganisation team.

Carpe Noctem Valorant - One of the most crazy team in the world! : Valorant


The Carpe Noctem Team:

  • GetGreedy(Kosei Champollion) joined on 08-12-2020.
  • Pauly(Paul Guerboyan) joined on 08-12-2020.
  • Teddy(Thienan Tran)  joined on 15-12-2020.
  • JP2(Justin Pate) joined on 08-12-2020.
  • JUST_IN(Justin Ung) joined on 08-12-2020.
  • Darkzero(Pablo Ramos Alonso) and also an coach for team joined on 19-1-2021.

Below Will Be The List of Achievements of Carpe Noctem:

[table id=88 /]

Here Is the List of Recent  Matches

[table id=89 /]

So, that’s it guys this was all information on carpe noctem valorant.

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