Return to the Hawk of Light Destiny 2 – Hawkmoon is back : Destiny 2

A true destiny fan can never forget the amazing weapons of the popular game Destiny. So, what if we tell you that a very stunning weapon from Destiny 1 has returned to Destiny 2? Yes, this is true Hawkmoon, the thrilling hand canon, has returned to the game. This may be reframed as a Return to the Hawk of Light Destiny 2. It is actually added in beyond the light expansion of the game.

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Return to the Hawk of Light Destiny 2 | As The Crow Flies

Return to the Hawk of Light Destiny 2 - Hawkmoon is back : Destiny 2

As the crow flies is a Hawkmoon quest in destiny 2. You will have to complete this quest to have your hands on Hawkmoon, a hand cannon of 140RPM. It is a bit big quest and will require you to put a lot of time and mind into this. You will have to fight against enemies which are having a power range of more than 1200. They also have multiple negative things to modify themselves. Here is a short guide of the quest:-

  • Move straight towards a place known as the tangled shore and look for a quick chat with Spider.
  • The task for you here is that you have to select a minimum of Five feathers here. The feathers are yellow in appearance and are called the ‘Paracasual’ feathers.
  • The location of the first feather is straightforward to find. As soon as you move out of Spider’s lair and you will be able to spot the feather on top of a box.
  • For the second feather location, you have to walk straight from The sludge spawn point. You will spot the feather inside a building.
  • For the third feather, you will have to go to Cosmodrome and The Steppes spawn point. You will find the feather at the topmost of a long pillar.
  • For the fourth feather, move to Dreaming city. You will have to go inside a Blind well, and you will spot the feather by moving a little inside it.
  • The fifth feather is located on a location known as catacombs and is situated on the moon.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about the Return to the Hawk of Light Destiny 2. To get all the latest updates on Destiny 2, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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