Tekken 7 sidestep chart finally revealed – Full guide : Tekken 7

Tekken is probably the most popular title of Bandai Namco Entertainment. Everyone into fighting games, must have stumbled across the game once in their lifetime for sure. Due to the huge popularity and success of the original Tekken, released in 1994. The game was expanded several times.  The game follows the ongoing story of the previous titles. The player has to participate in Iron fist tournament, and are made to fight with all other characters. To ace these fights the players need to know many nuances of the games. One such trait is the sidestepping ability. This ability plays a crucial role in arcade battles. Read on to find out the Tekken 7 sidestep chart.

Tekken 7

  • Starting as a simple arcade fighting game in 1994 the tekken name has gone on to be recognised as a Japanese franchise developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. 

Tekken 7 sidestep chart finally revealed - Full guide : Tekken 7

  • The game follows the storyline of the tekken event that is the king of iron fist tournament which is organised by Mishima Zaibatsu, the tournament is actually a backdrop to showcase the feud between the mishima family, which serves as the main plot of the game.
  • The players can choose between a hoard of characters to fight each of whom have their own interesting backstories.
  • The gameplay involves hand to hand combat which are quite simple in the first look, but tend to be more and more complex as you delve and improve more and more.
  • One of the key trai that a player has to learn is defence from heavy attacks, the best way to do this is sidestepping.

Tekken 7 sidestep chart

Tekken 7 sidestep chart finally revealed - Full guide : Tekken 7

Here is a list of the best sidestepping moves you can try:

  • Eliza: SSL
  • Paul: SSR
  • Shaheen: SSL
  • Steve: SSL
  • Xiaoyu: SSL
  • Yoshimitsu: SSL
  • Katarina: SSR
  • Kazumi: SSR
  • Akuma: SSL
  • Alisa: SSL
  • Asuka: SSR
  • Bob: SSR
  • Brian: SSR
  • Kazuya: SSL
  • King: SSR
  • Kuma: SSR
  • Lars: SSR
  • Law: Sidestep 
  • Feng: SSL
  • Geese: SSR
  • Gigas: SSL
  • Lee: SSL
  • Leo: SSR
  • Lili: SSL
  • Lucky Chloe: SSL
  • Master Raven: SSL
  • Miguel: SSL
  • Nina: SSR
  • Claudio: SSL
  • Devil Jin: SSL
  • Dragunov: SSR
  • Panda: SSR
  • Heihachi: SSL
  • Hwoarang: SSR
  • Jack-7: SSL
  • Jin: SSR
  • Josie: SSL
  • Eddy: SSR

Though, it is important to note that these recommendations are just indicative, and they may not always work. They can help to give you a start, at the end you’ll have to practice and figure out the best way for yourself…..

For more updates on Tekken 7, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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