Incense Day Pokemon go 2021 – Mareep Incense Day in Pokemon go : Pokemon

    Incense Day Pokemon go 2021 : Pokemon Go is always coming up with new and creative days for the players to enjoy. One such is the Incense day.  Many of the players must be wondering what Incense is and what are its uses. Incense is a very rare and useful items in pokemon go. They can be used to level up and lure monsters towards the players location. With this incense in hand the pokemon will appear in front of you almost every 5 mins. incense can attract pokemon in a range of 200m.

    During incense day the players incense will turn a particular color and attract only a certain type of pokemon until 5:00 PM. Each type of pokemon is given a particular slot of time on this day.

    Incense Day Pokemon go 2021

    Incense Day Pokemon go 2021 - Mareep Incense Day in Pokemon go : Pokemon

    In the incense day the duration of using incense has been increased to an hour. And will also offer a variety of bonuses on catching a pokemon on this day. The day only focuses on two specific types of pokemon. This year the Incense day will be held on 24th of January  Sunday between 11am to 5 pm. In these time slots, each hour will attract a different kind of pokemon. The schedule for this year is:

    • From 11pm – 1 pm the electric type pokemon can be found.
    • Next, From 1pm – 2pm will be the slot for dragon type pokemon and also the pokemons that will further evolve to be a dragon type pokemon
    • From 2pm – 4pm will once again be the time for electric type pokemon
    • Lastly, from 4pm – 5pm will be for Dragon type.

    For the electric type pokemon Pikachu, Magnemite, Voltrob, Chinchou, Mareep, Plusle, Minum and Stunfisk are the pokemons that you will come across the most. Similarly, for the dragon type Horsea, Dratini, Trapinch, Vibrava, Swablu and Bagon are more likely to appear.

    Incense Day Pokemon go 2021 - Mareep Incense Day in Pokemon go : Pokemon

    The day’s special pokemon is , so it will appear in the dragon type pokemon too. Players may also come across a shiny Mareep. Also if any Flaaffy which is the first evolution of Mareep, evolves into an Ampharos. It will have the chance to learn the Dragon Pulse move which is restricted to the Mareep community days.

    So that was all for the Incense day in Pokemon Go. For more such updates related to Pokemon Go, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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