Latest Games Hits Xbox this month January 2021 Including Hitman 3!

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Hello game lovers new games are hitting the XBOX this month January 2021. Today I will tell you which are games releasing to the XBOX and different platforms. You really need to read this till the end.

About the new XBOX games release:

  • As most developers plan to get their heavy hitters to the shelf in time for ChristmasJanuary is normally a quiet month for new video game launches.
  • Fortunatelyto start early in the yearyou will usually focus on one or two high profile launcheswhich is most certainly the case in January 2021.
  • Brand new updates for PS5 and Xbox Series X are included in the first month of the yearas well as some fun crossplatform titles for PlayStationXbox, and Nintendo Switch.
  • There is a total of 4 games releasing on the 20th of January which are Hitman 3, The Medium, Cyber Shadow, and Olija on XBOX.

About the Hitman 3 on XBOX:

Latest Games Hits Xbox this month January 2021 Including Hitman 3!

  • IO Interactive is coming with the third installment of its hitman’s trilogy, which is coming for every platform including XBOX, PC, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Series X.
  • If Hitman 3 is something like its predecessors, we could be looking at a possible contender of the year game. The previous two games from IO Interactive are an absolute master class in level design, with massive levels jam-packed with assassination possibilities.
  • Agent 47 starts his murderous trail in areas like DubaiBerlinand Chongqing throughout the third gameSet in Dartmoorthere’s even a Knives Outinspired stagewhich looks utterly marvelous.
  • The hitman’s 3 installment is an extraordinary ending to the world of assassination trilogy and the player goes all over the world for the adventure of amazing locations.

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