OverWatch League 2021 Event Time – Where and How to Watch it? : Overwatch

    If you have been a fan of the popular FPS game overwatch, then I am sure you are familiar with Overwatch League. Read all the way through to know about OverWatch League 2021 Event Time, Where and How to Watch it?

    OverWatch League 2021 Event Time - Where and How to Watch it? : Overwatch
    • The game is a popular FPS Battle Arena game that blended a common RPG aspect of MOBA games into FPS games. Since its release in 2016 the game has only picked up pace higher and higher.
    • For the last three years, players have come together for what is known as Overwatch League. Where teams test out their skills over the course of the year, with all the bounties and glories going to the best team at the end of the season.
    • Most of you are aware of the fact that the overwatch league opens always early in the year. However, this year, things are a little different. Blizzard has announced that this year’s league will start in April.
    • Another new aspect is that the opening matches will be held remotely from home. We believe it is a precautionary measure for the COVID crisis. However, with the way Blizzard has made their announcement.
    • We cannot rule out the possibility of a stadium live finale. Blizzard said,“To take full advantage of what was learned last season, we’ve made several changes that will improve the quality of competition and the fan experience for this coming season,”

    Tournament Structure

    OverWatch League 2021 Event Time - Where and How to Watch it? : Overwatch

    Some of the major changes of the new league are as follows:

    • A total of 20 teams will qualify for the opening rounds. Groups have been divided based on regions. The entire league has been split in 2 divisions which contain 2 groups each.
    • China and Korea are in the first division while Europe and North America will be in the second division. Players will be further divided into 2 groups which will battle it out.
    • Finally the top teams of these divisions will qualify into 4 major tournaments spread out throughout the season.
    • These tournaments will follow a double-elimination format. Therefore, we are expecting them to have at least 6-8 teams qualify.
    • Another new piece of information is that the broadcast channel has been moved from YouTube to Twitch by Blizzard. Any other details on the matter are no revealed yet.

    For more updates on Overwatch, Stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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