Birds of a Feather Triumph Destiny 2 – Is the Triumph Bugged? : Destiny 2

In our famous game Destiny 2, the crow has a brand new triumph called the Birds of a Feather Triumph Destiny 2. The mission is entirely related to Hawkmoon. Previously gamers had to earn Hawk moon by taking on the exotic weapon quest. Hawkmoon is a mighty hand canon. You can now grab your hand on the famous canon by just completing the mission Bird of prey quest. Gamers are reporting That Bird of a feather triumph is bugged.

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Birds of a feather Triumph Destiny 2 is Bugged!

Bird of a Feather Triumph - Is the Triumph Bugged? : Destiny 2


This week crow has added a new quest, bird of prey, and in that, a new triumph called Bird of a feather. The mission having the triumph is very long. You will have to spend a long time playing it. Gamers complained that they ran the harbinger quest twice with other players but still didn’t get the feather triumph for the warden title.

Bungie help tweeted that they are finding the cause of the issue and will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

How to complete the mission?

  • The first thing you need to do is head to the crow found on the Tangled Shore.
  • If you have played crow’s mission in the previous season, Hunt, Hawk moon must be unlocked.
  • You can find a new Exotic mission called the Bird of Prey on the menu.
  • Click on it. That will take you straight to the EDZ.

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How to get Hawkmoon? | Birds of a Feather Triumph Destiny 2

Bird of a Feather Triumph - Is the Triumph Bugged? : Destiny 2

  • Start by heading the crow.
  • Start the harbinger mission.
  • Pass over a dam
  • Fight against the emissaries, kill all of them.
  • Try to survive
  • Work on jumping puzzle 2: The Electric Boogaloo
  • And survive till the very end

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Birds of a Feather Triumph Destiny 2. To get all the latest updates on Destiny 2, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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