How to Get Shiny Drifloon in Pokemon Go? – Full Guide to get Shiny Drifloon : Pokemon Go

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Pokémon GO has one of the most popular games in the last year. Favorite among both kids and adults, everyone is determined to catch pokémon their desired Pokémon to add their Pokédex. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has surely added a lot of exciting and interesting Pokémon to the game, but Shiny Drifloon has caught everyone’s eye these days. Interest in how to catch a Shiny Drifloon? Do read on. 

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What Is The Shiny Drifloon?

Drifloon is a Ghost-Flying type of Pokémon that looks like a hot air balloon. Shiny Drifloon is one of the rarest Pokémon’s you could find in the game. Though mildly disturbing, Drifloon’s abilities include enticing undoubting children into their end by catching them and hovering them away in the sky with itself. The shiny Drifloon is yellow in color, different from the regular purple variant. 

How to Get Shiny Drifloon in Pokemon Go? - Full Guide to get Shiny Drifloon : Pokemon Go

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Where To Look For Shiny Drifloon And How To Catch The Pokémon?

You have to be constantly on the lookout for Shiny Drifloon as they can appear just about everywhere at any time. The tip to catch a Shiny Drifloon to drift into an area where Pokéstops and shopping centers are densely present. That is where most spawns have a chance of being encountered. Shiny Drifloons are more visibly seen in weathers like cold, wild, and foggy because it increases spawn rates of the Pokémon. Look for them in Research Encounters and Raids, too, because I have witnessed Shiny Drifloon’s more visible appearance there.

Shiny Drifloon can normally get damaged by Water, Dragon, Fairy, Psychic, Fire, Steel, and Flying. It is specifically weak to Rock, Ghost, Electric, Ice, and Dark. Drifloon is also called a Signpost for Wandering Spirits by fans and the game itself. The recent Spotlight hour on January 12th got over where Shiny Dr could be spotted and caught more often. But this shouldn’t stop you from going on a Shiny Drifloon hunt as they are still available in the game if you know where to look for them. So go ahead and try your luck at Pokémon Go in an attempt to catch the Shiny Drifloon. 

How to Get Shiny Drifloon in Pokemon Go? - Full Guide to get Shiny Drifloon : Pokemon Go

Well, there you have it, guys. This was all the information that you need to know about Shiny Drfloon in Pokemon Go. To get more such updates on Pokemon Go, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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