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The teaser for the sequel of the ultimate survival game just dropped and we’re all wondering. Read all the way through for Ark Survival 2 Release Date,Features,Characters, Story and More!

In the game awards 2020, everyone was in for a bit of surprise. Studio Wildcard, teased us all with a lengthy cinematic trailer of Ark 2. Sequal to the previous game Ark Survival Evovled. The first iteration of the game came way back in 2015. Since then it has been getting more and more popular. However, the sequel apparently is an attempt at revamping the complete game world into a new scenario probably. We expect some new dinosaurs to appear. The most curious thing about the trailer was the appearance of Vin Diesel.

Is Vin Diesel Starring?

  • While the plots may not be yet clear, we are hoping we get to play the storylines as Vin Diesel hopefully. There has been only one trailer so far, teased from the Game Awards 2020 stage.
  • The trailer goes on to show Vin Diesel, defending his kinsmen from alien-like species, outrunning a T-rex, and ultimately escaping into a tunnel filled with futuristic technologies. Vin also has a small kid in the story whose arm activates a portal into a huge world as the curtains lift.

More than just a game.

Ark Survival 2 Release Date, Features, Characters, Story and More! - Is Vin Diesel starring in the sequel? : Ark survival 2
  • Reportedly, Vin Diesel’s involvement isn’t just for the game. There appears to be an animated series in the works as well where Vin plays a tribe leader named Santiago in the brutal world of Ark.
  • This isn’t the actor’s first rodeo. He has been involved in many other gaming communities. He founded the developer Tigon Studios that made many games of Riddick. Riddick has been one of the most popular movie titles of Vin Diesel involving interspace storylines.

Only for Xbox for now.

Soon after the teaser, Microsoft revealed, that the game will be launched only on the Xbox X|S series. However, after its initial success, players can expect it to launch onto PC and then subsequently on PS5.

The game is set to release by 2022. However, an exact release date is not yet confirmed.

We are as excited as you are! Keep reading Game Stanza to know the latest updates on it all.

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