Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon – How to use the teleport Point? : Genshin Impact

For all the Genshin fans. Genshin is here with its latest event the Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon map. The world of Genshin Impact is vast and offers players a variety of places to hunt and find treasure in.  And one of the most difficult to track treasure is the special treasure. Which is located somewhere within Brightcrown Canyon in the East of Stormeterror’s Lair Mondstadt. This place is really tricky to locate. And this treasure is only available for those players who have participated in the Lost Riches Event. This event is currently active in the game.

Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon

Genshin Impact Brightcrown Canyon - How to use the teleport Point? : Genshin Impact

  • The best way for travelling to Brightcrown Canyon is by using the teleport waypoint in that area. After that start travelling to the west from it. The game will ask you to look for an old bell which is attached with a glowing spot beneath it.
  • Players can start the challenge using this spot. In this challenge players will have to defeat two enemies and not be frozen for more than three times. The best possible way to finish this challenge smoothly is to use a character with a fire type ability.
  • Also it is advised to the players not to attempt the challenge when it is raining in the game.
  • After the battle is done, players will be awarded with three copies of Hero’s Wit, 60, primogems 30,000 Mora, and finally six pieces of Mystic Enchancement Ore.
  • This is the special treasure that you have battled so hard for. The plus point is that players do not need to take this out of any chest or container after the battle.

  • Next, players will have to face two enemies. They are Cryo Abyss Mages. The Players will have to destroy their shields as these enemies attack with Cryo-based magic.
  • If the battle starts and the players don’t have a Pyro character that is capable of melting their shields, then the game will take a while to be completed. There are also chances that you will be frozen more times than the challenge limit in the process.

Date of the event

So for all the Genshin Impact players who don’t want to miss on this golden opportunity to obtain the Special treasure Hurry Up! Because the time is slipping away as the Lost Riches Event is only available till the 18th of January. All hose player who wish to take advantage of this event’s amazing rewards are advised to get on the hunt as soon as possible.

So that was all about the Brightcrown Canyon. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the game with Gamestanza.

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