The Core Four Challenge Destiny 2 – How to complete the quest ? : Destiny 2

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    Destiny2 is an multiplayer free online game created by bungie. it was one of the best online shooting game played by many people across the world and also liked by many people. this game was released on 2017. The game was available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S.

    The Core Four Challenge Destiny 2

    The core four challenge was an weekend event or task available in destiny 2:Deep stone crypt. core four challenge was one of the easy challenge introduced in game compared to other challenges released on game. the Deep stone crypt in destiny2 were introduced on 21st November,2020 to give players Beyond light expansion experience in game.

    The Core Four Challenge Destiny 2 - How to complete the quest ? : Destiny 2

    • On 5th January,2021 Destiny 2 introduced new challenge in deep stone crypt to again reflect the players into deep stone crypt. and this core four challenge is one of the easy weekend challenge introduced in game. this challenge was based on speed of player in game.
    • In core four challenge the player of game have to complete the Taniks fight and have to deposit four core instead of two cores into containers on map.
    • In this players have to divide into three different groups. players will be divided into suppressor, operator, four people for carrying four core and scanners was no available in this challenge for core four. players have to deploy the cores in four locations containers available in map where Taniks were not available.
    • And communication was very important in this challenge players should not go to same containers they should have to go to different containers showing in map.
    • The operator in game will help and free the players who got stuck in Taniks purple cage and suppressor also helps the players by guarding them and shooting, killing Taniks. while suppressor fighting with Taniks operator will free the players from traps of Taniks.

    What will happen players deploy four core than two cores

    • After core were deployed by players in Suggested location of containers. the players, suppressors, operators have to move to their suggested locations and have to prepare damage for Taniks.
    • By deploying four core instead of two core guardian players will get chance to damage Taniks with double attack time. the four core will help the guardians players to damage and down the Taniks in single attack phase.
    • If Taniks didn’t down during attack guardians players again players have to follow same process to deploy four core and have to kill the Taniks.

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