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The American multinational technology company NVidia Corporation has recently introduced a new security update. The company is incorporated in Delaware and based in Santa Clara, California. The company designs graphic processing units for gaming and professional markets. It also designs system on a chip units for the mobile computing and automotive market. The company founded in April 1993. Jensen Huang is the CEO and the founder of the company.

NVidia New Update 2021

NVidia's first update in 2021 that might fix the security issues - Technology

This new security update was released on 7th January 2021. This update will deal with issues that lead to denial of service, escalation of privileges, data tampering, or information disclosure. This update has tackled high severity issues in the NVidia GPU display driver and vGPU software. The new update has resolved 16 major issues in the NVidia GPU display driver that is used to support graphic processing units and vGPU software for virtual workstations, servers, apps, and PCs.

  • The most vulnerable issue that was dealt with in the update was the CVE-2021-1051 issued the CVSS score of 8.4. This problem directly impacted the kernel mode layer for Windows GPU display driver. Also this flaw could lead to to denial of service or privilege escalations.
  • Another major flaw that was fixed was regarding the CVE-2021-1052. This bug impacts both the windows as well as the Linux. this particular security flaw had a severity score of 7.8. This was found in the kernel mode layer and it also permits the user mode clients access to legacy. privileged APIs. This may result in privileges escalations and information leaks.
  • Also the company has resolved issues withCVE-2021-1053 which is a display bug for windows and Linux machines. It had a CVSS score of 6.6. This was a relatively moderate issue.
  • The next two problems were CVE-2021-1054 and CVE-2021-1055. These had a CVSS score of 6.5 and 5.3 respectively. It was mainly a problem related to windows machines specifically. They involved failures to perform authorization chcks ans improper access controls which can easily lead to data leaks.
  • Lastly the problem that impacted Linux Pcs only which was CVE-2021-1056. The issue had CVSS score of 5.3. The bug was caused due to operating system file system permissions errors, which prompted information disclosure and denial of service.

All this issues and vulnerabilities were fixed in the 2021 security update. This new update has fixed a lot of more problems that were therein the system. It is now really safe and secure to use.

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