League of Legends: Wild Rift’s Open Beta launches in North America in March

Great news!!! For all the North American fans of the league of legends. The wait is finally over!! In a recent live stream Riot game, the league of legends prime distributor announced that the wild drift beta version would soon be launched in North America. A year’s worth of many events and new characters were also announced. Read on to know all the details.

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League of Legends: Wild rift

Since its release in 2009, League of legends was an instant hit. It provided the players with a multiplayer battle arena, which was highly competitive and engaging. Initially launched as a Pc game for Microsoft Windows and Mac os, the game had been free to play ever since.

League of Legends: Wild Rift's Open Beta launches in North America in March

The game was based on a 5v5 team battle, with every player using a separate character called a ‘champion.’ Depending on the mode, the players had to do a certain task, which usually involved fighting the other team to collect certain items or destroy some structure within the other’s map.

The game, upon release, was praised by critics and players alike for its unique gameplay. More than ten years later, since its release, the game still has almost 8 million active players. 

The game’s popularity can be ascertained because it is often referred to as the world’s biggest eSport. As much as 13 different leagues of the game exist. The North American league games are even broadcasted on television channel ESPN. 

Owing to this popularity, the game has seen several tie-ups for merchandise, music videos, comics books, etc. The latest testament to this popularity is the launch of a mobile version called the wild drift.

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When is wild drift coming?

Wild drift, a.k.a LOL: WD is the mobile and possibly console version of the famous game.

League of Legends: Wild Rift's Open Beta launches in North America in March

The beta version of the game has been launched region-wise since mid-2020. Some countries like Japan, Singapore, and The Philippines have already got the beta version launched.

In a live stream recently, the plans for the year 2021 were announced. The company said that North America would be witnessing the launch by March 2021. However, the exact dates were not announced.

The launch is expected to be on android and IOS. The company said that the game would be available on consoles soon, specifically for which consoles were not announced. The live stream also announced other plans for the year, saying that two new characters would be joining the game every month till the end of the year after the launch in March.

Also, there would be a hoard of events scattered throughout the year, so you LOL fans out there sit tight to all.

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