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    Hey guys, the Persona soundtrack by Atlus games has been released on Spotify. It is a fantastic soundtrack that is completely mesmerizing. Today I will give you all the details regarding the Persona soundtrack and its Spotify link and much more.

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    About the Persona soundtrack:

    • The Atlus Sound Team and Spotify delivered a jazzy New Year’s treatment kit on January 5th.
    • The Persona 5 OST, Persona 4 & Golden OST, Persona 3 FES OST, Persona 2 Sound Collections, and seven other Persona spin-off songs, including the Persona 4 Dancing All Night OST, have been donated to us.
    • Initially, it’s a little tricky to find them, as looking for anything like the “Persona 4 Soundtrack” is just going to inundate you with covers.
    • Alternatively, go to the Atlus Sound Team forum for all of this. AniPlaylist brings together one that does the job well if you want a playlist packed with all the OSTs mixed together.

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    SoundTracks by Atlus games:

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