Monster Hunter demo is available on Nintendo Switch now! – This might be the arrival of the OG game with a blast.

Monster hunter Rise demo is on one of the best platforms, Nintendo switch. To access the demo, the gamer needs a Nintendo account to access the Nintendo Eshop. An additional need 1.6GB of free space either on your Micro SD or Nintendo Switch to download the data. Only 4 players can play the demo in local or Online Multiplayer, but all the players should download the demo. A Nintendo Switch Online membership is mandatory for playing online multiplayer.

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Monster Hunter demo is available on Nintendo Switch now! - This might be the arrival of the OG game with a blast.
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Players can play quests like the great Izuchi, and Mizutsune can be played for 30 min. The moment you reach the limit, all 4 quests, including the basic Training Quest and the Wyvern Riding Training Quest, won’t be accessible.

The demo has a certain limitation. Till these limitations, you won’t be able to transfer your saved data to the main game:-

  • Till the remaining number of quests hit 0 (in online multiplayer)
  • Till the remaining number of quests hits 0 (Single Player)
  • Until the Monster Hunter Rise is no further available for download


The Monster Hunter demo game is available for download on Nintendo e-shop from January 7th– February 12 am PST/3 AM EST. In the demo, it is seen that players are taken to a new area known as Frost Islands, an icy which has some wonderful underground caverns and frozen walkways. A new addition to the game is the Goss Harag monster. He can create ice blades on his hand.

Khezu, Mizutsune, and the Great Braggy are making a return to the monster hunter rise. Barioth and Tigers will also be seen in rising.  The demo will give a chance to players to examine all the 14 Monster Hunter Weapon types. Capcom is set to launch Monster Hunter Rise for the Nintendo Switch on March 26 exclusively.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Monster Hunter demo. To get more such updates on all the Nintendo Games and other games, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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